Your Creative Genius Is Bigger Than The Obstacles

Hello! I am so happy to welcome you and your dreams into Dream Book and the Creative Dream Circle!

The Creative Dream Circle is a transformational container that supports you in growing your dreams, your self and your whole world.  In order to create and maintain the container that allows this deep transformative work to happen, all participants must read + agree to the following Guidelines + Policies.   

These policies are non-negotiable.  Please read this whole page and only sign up for the Creative Dream Circle if you can agree to everything here.

(If you have questions about any of this feel free to email me)

We work on our dreams together because we are STRONGER together - the Circle holds us all.

So it should go without saying, but: If you are abusive or mean-spirited towards me or other members - you will be removed from the group and you will NOT get a refund. There is no space for that here.

The Creative Dream Circle is a private members-only website where which includes a blog and a library of classes and tools.

So, for the time while you are a member of the Circle you have access to *all* of my programs including a whole library of Creative Dream Alchemy tools.  

This is because Dream Work is entirely non-linear.  So as you dig deeper into your process, you may need different forms of support than you thought you would. 

✨I want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed✨

There are two ways to join the Creative Dream Circle:

  1. Annual subscription:  If you pay up front for your annual subscription, you get 1 month free. You get 2 email reminders from me before your next payment goes through, and it’s easy to cancel the payment if you decide not to stay for a second year.
  2. Monthly subscription: You will be charged every 30 days, you can cancel any time. I ask that you give it a try for at least 3 months to start to give yourself a chance to get into the work - in the first few months you are building the container, deep work takes time. But YOU are in charge of your membership.

It is EASY PEASY to cancel your payments any time you want - there’s a simple button to click right in your account.

There are no refunds. It is super simple to cancel but you must do so BEFORE your payment goes through.

You cannot cancel by emailing me, you have to click the cancel button in your account.

Once your membership is over, you won’t have access to ANY of the materials.

I want you to end your time with me with a stronger connection to your dream and a deeper trust in your capacity to make it real. I don't want you to end it with a bunch of audios and videos saved to your hard drive and good intentions about getting to them one day.

When everything is downloadable, it's easy to hit a hard spot in the process, stop showing up, save everything to your hard drive and decide to get back to "at a better time”.

The hard parts are where you find the gifts.  The hard parts are where you find your miracles!

So I want to encourage you to stay in the process, all the way through. There are TONS of tools to help you get un-stuck - you will NOT have to figure it all out by yourself.

When you make this kind of commitment to your genius, to your magic, and to your dream - stuff is going to come up.   

(Stuff being your fears, limiting beliefs, inner critics, etc.)

Remember that this is happening with PURPOSE. Transforming obstacles into dream-fuel is a vital part of the process of making your dream REAL. Your stuff comes up when you’re ready to work through it - to heal and transform it. So use the classes, participate in the monthly coaching calls (even just by posting in the comments while watching the recording) and daily posts to generate the momentum you need to get un-stuck and keep going.

This is the place to work THROUGH your stuff instead of letting it keep stopping you.

There is an art to learning how to work WITH your stuff, to bring healing and transformation to it so you can move beyond it. It’s not easy but it is possible and I've put so much into the Circle to help you through those (unfortunately) inevitable rough spots on the path to your dream.

I promise that you can create significant and lasting change in your life.

You can't necessarily do it overnight - but you'll be amazed by how things can change when you do the work consistently, over time. I’ll send you emails regularly to guide you through the Dream Book process - keep following those steps. Or, if email isn’t your thing - use the tracking system to work through it in your own time.

Don’t give up. Keeping showing up and you’ll get there.

I want to help make sure you get the most out of your experience in the group, so If you have a question about something, do ask!

I can’t accommodate every single request, but I do regularly add new features to the site based on what members ask me for.


  • You respect everyone’s confidentiality and do not share each other’s stories outside of the Circle.
  • You are here for you and your dream. Participate only in ways that nourish you.  There are no obligations here in terms of how you participate - only invitations.

These next ones need a bit of an explanation because the world we live in is so UN-sovereign:

When you know that you are a creative genius, capable of creating anything your heart desires - then you see that everyone else is also a creative genius, capable of creating whatever their heart desires.  You remember that you are powerful to create only in your world, and everyone is powerful to create only in their worlds.  This sounds simple and empowering but can be an extremely difficult thing to practice.  (There is an hour-long video about Sovereignty inside the Circle right here.)

  • This means that you agree to not offer other Circle members unsolicited advice. You practice remembering that everyone’s answers are within them, just like your answers are within you.  Offering unsolicited advice is an energy leak - you have no power to create in other people’s worlds, so if you catch yourself wanting to give advice try to bring your power back to yourself and your world.

When someone specifically asks for advice and you feel inspired to help them - then you’re in a creative collaborative space that supports both of you.  Only unsolicited advice is a problem.

About promoting your work:

YES! Do feel free to talk about and link to projects you are working on as you participate in the Circle - we want to see what you’re up to and celebrate with you!

Watch your inbox! I send out emails regularly to guide you through everything 🙂

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