Hello! I'm Andrea

I’m Andrea Schroeder, founder of The Creative Dream Incubator.

I teach life-changing journaling + meditation classes for creative people who are ready for a BREAKTHROUGH.

I have been coaching artists, healers, writers, therapists and coaches - the inspiring helper people - deeper into their dreams since 2008.

This is what I have learned:

Or read on to find out more about Dream Book, my ongoing creative mastermind and the place where I teach ALL of my classes...

I LOVE your vision for what you want to do next, and who you're going to become as you do it.

I love the visioning and brainstorming, the planning, crossing tasks off the list, and the transformative practices that sustain the whole process.

I even love the part where you feel lost. When you're iterating and don't yet know who/what you're iterating into.

But what I love most about this work is the way your dreams grow you. How you feel too small for it when you first get the idea.... and then you grow into this larger next-level you as you make the thing happen.

That spark of possibility combined with healing, growth, potential and magic. I wish I could bottle this feeling.

So - I did the next best thing. I created the Creative Dream Incubator - where we can do this work together.

It's all possible for you.

Your dream is not some far-away fantasy for you to chase after, it's your own inner voice calling you towards what's next for you.

It's normal to doubt this. To feel too small or not ready or like something else has to change before you can answer the call.

But your dream IS your calling. And it's calling you NOW. And you DO have what you need to answer that call. It's always been in you.

The Creative Dream Incubator will help you get to that next level that your dreams are calling you towards - not by pushing yourself, working your ass off or sitting around attempting to "manifest" it. We do it with HEALING, TRANSFORMATION and CREATIVE MOMENTUM.

We work from the belief that your dream is here to GROW you.

Your dream comes from the intersection of your purpose, creativity, uniqueness and potential.

Pursuing this next - level dream of yours is REALLY about becoming more of who you are here to be. A braver, and even more creative and powerful version of yourself than the creative genius you are today.

This is what helps you clarify your vision while amplifying your courage and power to bring it to life.

Your dream needs you to SPEND MORE TIME in the UNKNOWN and UNCOMFORTABLE places.

Obviously, no one likes to do this.

Those times when the dream is shifting into something new and you're not sure what that something new is. Those times when you know it's YOU who needs to grow but you don't know how. Those times when your dream is SO BIG and you are SO SMALL and it all feels impossible.

These are the times when most people just give up, or slow down, or put it aside while they "wait for clarity".

Your dream needs you to DIVE IN.

"Waiting for clarity" always the wrong move.

Diving in deeper is always the right move.

In Dream Book, you'll learn how to work more effectively from the intersection of Inner Work and Outer Work, so your inner growth generates tangible change.

This means: you USE those hard places as FUEL to get to where you want to be.

Most people join to get some help figuring out how to get to the next level with their dreams or for extra support to overcome the big (inner and outer) obstacles.

But most people STAY because once you really get into this work of uncovering and activating your own inner magic - it's addictive. Who doesn't want to grow, heal, create and play their way into their wildest dreams? And then keep doing it forever?

No more pushing yourself to work harder, waiting for the stars to line up so you can make your big move or holding back from what you REALLY want.

By working from the intersection of Inner Work and Outer Work you tap more deeply into your innate ability to grow, change, heal and create your way into your dream. You amplify your COURAGE to act bravely on behalf of your dreams.

You never have to "fake it till you make it". There is LOTS of space for you to have your actual feelings as you do the work of dissolving long-held patterns like people-pleasing and playing small and creating all new patterns around going after your dreams in a NO HOLDS BARRED kind of way.

You can be YOURSELF exactly as you are and also be creating your Next Level Dreams.

Make REAL progress, month after month, with the both the INNER and OUTER aspects of your journey.

It's not all about hitting the external goals... it's about the growth, healing and magic that happens along the way. Inside the Creative Dream Incubator membership you get:

Ongoing online creative mastermind where we do the inner and outer work together - a place to share what we're doing, get support, be cheered on.

Complete library of Creative Dream Tools and Courses to help you work through any rough spots you hit - literally. There are tools that you can use, right in the moment, overcoming all sorts of obstacles. You'll become an EXPERT at getting yourself un-stuck.

Nourishing monthly new moon coaching calls for setting short-term goals and generating momentum for the Big Dreams.

Weekly journaling kits that make it super simple to keep showing up for your process (no more wondering what to do to keep moving forward! You just have to show up 🙂

The Dream Book journaling system which shows you how to hold space for your ongoing process of healing, growing and creating your way into your dream. (This is a revolutionary new approach - keep reading, I'll explain what it is)

Is this right for YOU?

Inside Dream Book you get the tools I made to help me, and my clients, go DEEPER and being BRAVER in the process of growth, healing, and pursuing next-level dreams. (The tools are flexible - there's TONS of space to do everything YOUR WAY.)

It's GREAT for artists, writers, teachers, coaches, healers, activists and creative entrepreneurs. The helper-people and creative world-changers who see that a better world is possible.

This is where we do the work together.

It's GREAT for anyone who wants to LEVEL UP in some way.

It's designed to support the inner and outer aspects of getting to your next level - however you want to define that.

This group has helped people:

  • write and publish books
  • start and grow businesses
  • get jobs that were "impossible to get"
  • make more money
  • find soulmates and dump lousy lovers
  • figure out how to be HAPPIER without changing anything at all

And all sorts of other cool things.

Almost every week someone emails to tell me what an ABSOLUTE GODSEND this is for their process.

Because as much as we want those Dream Come True things... what we REALLY want is the inner healing and growth and FREEDOM that they bring. Getting those things just feels.... well there are no words, really.

Dream Book is both flexible and deep - it will help you create whatever it is you're dreaming of.

hand holding butterfly

But Dream Book works BEST for people who:

identify as both creative and spiritual

are creating their own unique path - not looking to copy someone else's path (You get lots of tools and the magic of doing the work together - but will you create your path your way)

 want a better world for everyone, where we are ALL free to pursue our dreams. If you have a problem with: anti-racism, affordable housing, health care for everyone, immigration, Indigenous rights, and a green economy, then you won't fit in here. No one is free until everyone is free. Social justice is how we dream a better world for everyone.

You know that feeling you get when you REALLY believe in yourself and feel like anything is possible for you?

When you join you'll get tools, practices and support for feeling that way A LOT more often.

Because when you feel this way, then you ACT like the un-stoppable Creative Genius that you ARE.

You become bigger than the obstacles and braver than your fear. Then you find yourself taking impossible steps and making remarkable progress towards dreams that used to feel impossible.

We ALL deserve to feel this way in our lives.

Dream Book is the culmination of over a decade spent helping artists, writers, healers, and coaches go deeper into their dreams.

It's deep. And playful. And powerful.

There's nothing else like it anywhere.

celebration hands

Deep support for staying in those messy uncomfortable places and finding your way to the other side with more FREEDOM, JOY, and POWER.

I created this group out of my commitment to BE the change I want to see in the world: I don't want this kind of flow, momentum and ease to only be accessible to the people who can pay for really high priced transformational programs. The worlds needs EVERYONE'S dreams.

So I first created this group in these summer of 2012. And in the years since I have added new programs and tools and worked hard to make it a space that give you EVERYTHING you need for navigating the path to your dream.

I believe EVERYONE deserves support, encouragement and EFFECTIVE TOOLS for pursuing their dreams.

I have a whole section on my blog where I write about the intersection of colonialism, capitalism, white supremacy and the Live Your Best Life Industry (it's here)

As I've been exploring and learning more about this, I realised - I need my work to both get BETTER and MORE ACCESSIBLE - not just financially but in all ways.

So I set out to create Dream Book as a new kind of program.

It's not the kind of program where you have a ton of stuff to learn. It's more of a support system where you learn by doing - so you're always DOING something with your dream, even on those days when you have no clue WHAT to do.

Dream Book is a revolutionary new approach.

I created Dream Book out of my commitment to find a way to do better to help artists, healers and helper-people of all kinds navigate the messy and disorienting parts of doing the things you want do!

It's designed to help you bring you visions to life with more ease and less struggle because I think the WHOLE WORLD will be better with YOUR dreams in it.

hands holding jar of crystals

A whole new way to journal that generates the exact insight you need, right when you need it - and then be able to ACT ON IT.

grow hands

An entire library of transformative alchemy meditations that help you FACE and TRANSFORM the obstacles that are in your way - so you and your dreams are free to grow.

A creative mastermind where we do all of this together - with daily online posts for ongoing support and accountability and a monthly coaching call for goal-setting and getting coaching on whatever you're working with.

Plus a new cut + paste journaling kit every week that make it EASIER to show up every day and help hold space for you to go DEEPER into your process, beyond your blind spots:

I am becomign who I was meant to be

(I LOVE cutting and pasting the kits into my journal each week - some people prefer to use the kits as a guide and create their own drawings in their journals, some people just look at my prompts and write in their journals with plain pen on paper and no art stuff. Either way, the kits offer some structure + support for showing up for your process.)

It's the end of Creative Dream Overwhelm stopping you from making progress.

You will never again "wait for clarity"!

You're going to do one thing at a time that will help you grow yourself and your dream.

It's choose-your-own-adventure style so you can always find a thing that works for where you are (even if you're feeling scared, unsure, totally stuck or just busy with other things).

You'll bring your own Big Questions About Your Dream into your process, and create space for Perfect And Amazing Answers to find you.

And as you keep doing just one thing the miracles will unfold.

"This, THIS, is why Dream Book is such genius program: Simultaneously connecting me with the essence of my biggest dream and solving the most mundane next step towards it. Thank you."

Meliors, The Holistic Tooth Fairy, www.holistictoothfairy.com

Your potential for growth will expand EXPONENTIALLY.

As a special bonus, you'll also get access to my entire library of e-courses, including some AMAZINGLY helpful stuff like:

Project Miracle, a 30 day program for calling in the breakthrough you need right now.

Focus Pocus, a 21 day program for getting focused and making remarkable progress.

Creative With Money, a deep-dive healing program for creating a whole new inner relationship with money

Creative Business Incubator, an in-depth program I made with everything I learned when I made the shift into doing this work full time

... Plus so many other programs and tools I can't list them all here.

I did put them together on this page, if you want to check it all out. It's the Netflix of Creative Dream Classes.

Your dream is waiting for YOU to come true.

As a part of my commitment to BEING the change I want to see in the world - I don't charge what Dream Book "is worth"

I change what feels good and sustainable - $33 USD/month or $363/year.

Yes, it's a subscription but there is a cancel button right in your account, you don't have to send an awkward email, you are free to cancel your membership any time.

Join us today to see what changes for you when you have DEEP and EFFECTIVE Creative Dream support.

Dream Book will help you grow BIGGER THAN your obstacles.

You'll learn how to generate exactly the insight you need, right when you need it.

You'll turn fear and doubt into fuel for the journey.

You'll learn to generate the clarity you need, when you need it.

You'll go deeper, be braver, and surprise yourself at what becomes possible for you.

“I’m one of those people who used to think that I didn’t have enough time or money to participate in something like this.

I realize now that thinking I didn’t have enough time or money was just an excuse. It was kind of tied into not believing in my own self worth, like I shouldn’t spend the money or take time away from my kids to do this because it was silly and it wasn’t going to cause a change in my life so what’s the point.

That was just my inner critic talking, I realize now, and boy was my inner critic wrong! This HAS changed my life!”

Melody Flurry

Buckle up. It's time for WILD creative momentum.

You are a creative genius and you can move more steadily and consistently towards your dreams - with the right support and an approach that takes into account ALL of you.

In Dream Book you'll make space to work with the places in you where you're scared and holding back, and craft a plan that takes all of these parts of you into account.

This is how you'll become magically productive.

By focusing on showing up consistently and working from the intersection of Inner and Outer work - you heal the places in you that want to procrastinate and hold back.

This frees you to BE the creative genius that you ARE.

“I’ve actually accomplished more and received more clarity in the 4 weeks with you than I have in the past 4 years going it alone!”

Carrie Anspach

Dirty Girl Pottery

"Dreambook is helping me to show up for my dream, to keep connecting with my dream and to take actions that are in line with my dream.

Another thing I personally really need to be able to live my dream, and that Dreambook provides, is structure. For me Dreambook is about creating my own structure to do the necessary inner work, outer work and dream work to be able to walk my path.

By sending me reminders Andrea helps me to do this work, even (or especially) when I am stuck and procrastinating.

By working with Dreambook my dream is actually coming true, step by step."”

Eefje Jansen,

Atelier Eefje Jansen, www.eefje-jansen.com

Radically transform your sense of what is possible for you right now.

This is what life coaching is all about - creating new possibilities in your mind so that you can see yourself and your life differently and then supporting you in ACTING differently so you create your new life.

Where most of life coaching gets it WRONG is that it works from the assumption that you are this unlimited beacon of light and should always be thinking BIGGER and FASTER and anywhere where you want to slow down or think smaller is just "playing small".

What we do differently in Dream Book is create space for your deepest inner truth to emerge.

So the new possibilities that spring from this work are not necessarily all about going BIGGER and FASTER, it's all about what's truly sustainable for you, what actually lights you up, what deeply matters to you.

It's healing and miraculous all in one.

“I listened to you when you said that this would change things, would shift energy and would change me. But I don’t think I believed you.

I believe you now. Your classes have changed things, shifted energy and changed me: profoundly.”

Sheila Petruccelli

Sure As The World .com

Your dreams deserve support! Within the first month you'll be seeing your self, your dreams and your possibilities in a whole new light.

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