Live from your inner light and creative power. Tap here for the free e-course for creative dreamers.Your dream is waiting for you to come true.


 My name is Andrea Schroeder and I created the Creative Dream Incubator because I believe that our dreams will save the world.

I teach DEEP practices for journaling and meditation - all with the aim to heal the places in you that need healing while amplifying your inner wisdom, gifts and power.  

The Creative Dream Incubator is NOT like anything you've tried before.

We work from the intersection of creative, spiritual and emotional - that magical place where you can tap into your DEEP inner power to create outer change.

So I won't encourage you to work super hard and burn yourself out, or just sit around and visualize your dream while you wait for the universe to deliver it on a silver platter.

And no "fake it till you make it" nonsense either.

There is a better way to live your best life.

When you start to approach your dream in this way, the impossible becomes possible because you're working from the tremendous and unbeatable power of your wholeness. 

See what I mean in this short video:

I have been mentoring creatives on how to make their dreams real for over a decade.

I'm not making this stuff up. This is *the most effective way* to change your life and move towards your dream.

I know your obstacles are really big and scary AND I know that you are bigger than the obstacles AND I know you are ALWAYS ready to take your next step.

If you landed here, out of all of the pages on the internet, let's assume that's a sign. It's time for you to take your next step.

Let me show you how to start working with your dream in a whole new level. 

Join my Dream Lab e-course for free!

The Dream Lab is the basic practice I use to help my clients and students make their dreams real. If you have ever wished for a better way to make your dreams come true - you want to take this class!!!

This is what you get:

I'll guide you step-by-step through this new approach to working with your dream.

You get over an hour and a half of videos - we go DEEP in this class!

You also get 2 audio recordings of case studies where you can listen to me work with my clients more deeply - these are SUPER inspiring for when you are ready to go to the next level with your dream.

This is the Alchemy Practice that will change everything about how your approach your dream.

This is the practice I teach all of my clients. It's how I quit my day job to live my dream, bought my dream loft condo and found my husband.

I still do this meditation *every day* as I continue to grow my dreams bigger, brighter and truer.

An engaging and playful journal to lead you through the process

 As a life coach and spiritual counsellor, my specialty is helping people generate their own life-changing insights. You'll see what I mean as you work with this unique guided journal.

It's also got cute illustrations to colour, if you're into that kind of thing. Sometimes I ask a hard question and then give you something cute to colour which gives you time to find a deeper answer.

Let's do this!

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