Hello! I'm Andrea

I'm so glad you're here.

I'm an artist, writer, dreamer and life coach. (My official training is as a spiritual teacher and a fashion designer).

I teach classes that help you tap into the MAGIC and POWER of being who you really are.

I believe that your dreams help lead you towards your true self - your most authentic, meaningful and fulfilling way of being.

Let's dive in! You are ready for your ⚡️next level⚡️of growth and healing

Navigating the space between where you are and where you want to be is tricky work, but this is what you're here for. This is the work that grows you and connects you more deeply to your inner truth.

The space between where you are and where you want to be can feel like an impossible chasm.

I’ve been coaching creative people on how to make their dreams real since 2008.

And every time when I’ve asked them to visualize the space between where they are and where they want to be and their response are always the same - it’s a chasm and there is NO way to cross it.

And, every time, as they’ve done the work of ENGAGING with that space between where they are and where they want to be, they’ve suddenly found themselves on the other side of that chasm.

It’s totally impossible. Until it’s not.

But it’s not magic, it’s real and grounded GROWTH and HEALING.

As you heal the places in you where you hold back from being your True Self, you GROW into your most powerful, wise and creative self.

This is the version of you who can build the bridge to cross the chasm.

This is what you're here for.

Your dream is your dream for a reason. Your dream is actually WHO YOU ARE on the OTHER SIDE of your NEXT LEVEL of healing and growth.

Your dream is leading you to your most POWERFUL and PURPOSEFUL and CREATIVE and ALIVE self.

I know it's REALLY easy to get all kinds of tangled up up when it comes to pursuing your dream. But it's actually super simple: THIS IS YOUR CALLING.

The space between where you are and where you want to be is actually a ✨PORTAL✨ of growth, healing, and possibility.

Engaging with this space is what GROWS you into your most POWERFUL and PURPOSEFUL and CREATIVE and ALIVE self. On so many levels, in so many ways.

I started this work just wanting to figure out how to be creatively self-employed in a way that felt purposeful. I wanted to use my creative gifts to help others. And I've found a way to do that - I've been doing this as my full time work since January 1, 2011 - but actually now that feels like the SMALLEST part. The icing on the cake.

What I love most is the ways that pursuing my dreams has GROWN and HEALED me.

The secret to LIVING your dream and BEING your most powerful, creative, wise and brave self is simple.

You practice.

When you take the work of HEALING and GROWING your way into your dream and turn it into a daily/regular PRACTICE... something you love to do and look forward to doing OFTEN... your potential for growth expands exponentially.

That's what we do in Dream Book.

Dream Book is EVERYTHING I know about healing and growing your way into a dream... put into a CREATIVE, PLAYFUL and ENCOURAGING journaling system.

It's a new approach to journaling for creative people who are out there pursuing their dreams.

⚡️ Because you need a way of journaling that goes beyond just getting your ideas on paper ⚡️

Dream Book helps you CHANGE the way you work with your ideas, dreams and plans while you’re also doing the deeper inner work of healing the places where you hold back so you can ACT ON your brightest ideas and bring your biggest dreams to fruition.

Dream Book has in-depth TOOLS and SYSTEMS for doing the DEEP work in an ongoing way.

It turns your journal into a ✨PORTAL✨ that leads to wherever you want to go.

I am becomign who I was meant to be

Dream Book is a TOTAL support system for your GROWTH.

We don't focus just on making things happen, we focus on the inner growth, healing and transformation that you need to be able to get to your next level. Your potential for growth will expand EXPONENTIALLY.

The ENTIRE Dream Book  MIRACLE Journaling System

How to journal to LITERALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE is complicated - I make it simple by sending you regular emails that give you just ONE thing to do at a time.

This includes my in-depth library of alchemy tools so you can DO all the things I'm talking about on this page.

A new printable journaling kit EVERY WEEK!

You are going to journal you way into your DREAM and these kits will help you do it!

This includes energy alchemy mediations so you're not JUST journaling you're doing the deeper transformative work at the same time.

Daily online mastermind:

This is where we go the work TOGETHER!

I write here every day (Monday - Friday) to share what I'm doing in my Dream Book, what obstacles I'm facing, what projects I am working on and HOW I'm using the tools to move my dreams forward. This is on our PRIVATE website where you can join me in the comments section. 

Monthly live coaching calls and Alchemy class:

When dreamers gather miracles happen.

We circle up (via Zoom) every new moon to do alchemy work together and then set goals for the next month.

These are designed to work as well for the people who use the recordings as they do for the people who attend live.

"This, THIS, is why Dream Book is such genius program: Simultaneously connecting me with the essence of my biggest dream and solving the most mundane next step towards it. Thank you."

Meliors, The Holistic Tooth Fairy, www.holistictoothfairy.com

Plus a special bonus: access to my ENTIRE LIBRARY of e-courses, mini-courses, and coaching calls.

I've been teaching online for over 10 years: and you get access to all of my online classes - the NETFLIX of Creative Dreams!

You get all of this:

WILDLY TRANSFORMATIONAL. The library of Creative Dream Alchemy is loaded with tools + practices to create whatever magic you need right now.

This is the transformational healing process that is guaranteed to get you un-stuck and moving again towards your dream. I use it almost every day.

FULL + EPIC. The Dream Plan Kit has promps + planning tools for processing ideas, figuring out which ideas to act on next, ALCHEMICAL planning + project management - there's even a whole section for how to do a thing that you have no clue how to do.

TOTAL GAME CHANGER. A 30 day creative support system for calling in your BREAKTHROUGH.

GET YOUR EPIC WORK DONE. Focus Pocus is a 21 day creative support system for getting focused and getting that amazing work done.

A whole new way of working with your dream. The Dream Lab will show you how to grow your dream from the inside out.

This is a comprehensive course with everything I learned about how to turn your dream into your livelihood.

QUICK + EFFECTIVE. Remedies for Self Doubt, Inner Critics + Procrastination.

My original e-course from 2010 updated in 2011 and 2012. A masterclass in the art of making dreams real.

A 21 day course where you learn, baby step by baby step, to draw mandalas as a way of connecting with your intuition.

RICH + DEEP. Creative With Money is a deep dive into healing your relationship with money so it can support you with your dreams.

A DREAM RETREAT. For connecting with your dream, making new plans or figuring out what your next steps are.

Learn how to create your own deck of inspiration cards full of DEEP wisdom + support. You'll journey deep into the land of inspiration to receive the messages for your cards and then play with fun + simple ways of creating your deck.

DEEP + HEALING. An alchemy journal class that helps you love your life more! Who couldn't use a boost of this in 2020?

An alchemy journal class for connecting more deeply to your inner power, and learning to use it more... powerfully.

WILDLY MAGICAL. An alchemy journal class for connecting with your inner magic.

NEXT LEVEL VISION BOARDS. A fun way to draw a map that leads right to where you want to be.

In 10 years of teaching online I've taught... a lot. The Resource Library is full of Q+A calls, coaching calls, mini-classes and other resources.


33 USD per month
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363 USD per year
  • Make a BIG promise to stay with this for the long term! Join for the year and get 1 month free.

Yes - Dream Book costs just $33 per month and includes EVERYTHING! A complete support system for being your bravest and most creative self.

People are always telling me I should charge more, to reflect the actual value of my work.

The thing is, if I charged what my work is worth, it would only be accessible to the most privileged of people. That's not the impact I want to have in the world.

I want you to have the DEEP and NOURISHING support you need to navigate that difficult terrain between where you are and where you want to be.

And because little tiny steps taken consistently over time IS the key to your growth and success, I wanted to make it easy for you to have the support you need, for as long as you need it.

Sign up here for the free Intro to Dream Book emails 👉👉👉

I'll share the principles we use in Dream Book and show you how to journal in a way that helps you be more BRAVE with your dreams.

When you join you'll have ME in your corner.

I know how vulnerable it is to put yourself out there!  I know all about FREAKED OUT inner critics and OUT OF CONTROL fears and that feeling of wanting something so badly and having no clue how to make it happen.

And I LOVE the magic and growth that happen when you dig deeper into all of that and HEAL your way into your dream.

THIS IS MY JAM. I am SUPER ACTIVE in Dream Book. I use it every day and share my stories of HOW I'm using it and what I'm learning. There's TONS of space for asking questions or getting support and encouragement.

Plus we have a live call every month where we focus on taking everything you've learned in your Dream Book and USING IT to create momentum in the Outer Work. Even if you can't attend live, you can use the comments section to participate - it's set up to work just as well for the people watching the replay.

“I’m one of those people who used to think that I didn’t have enough time or money to participate in something like this.

I realize now that thinking I didn’t have enough time or money was just an excuse. It was kind of tied into not believing in my own self worth, like I shouldn’t spend the money or take time away from my kids to do this because it was silly and it wasn’t going to cause a change in my life so what’s the point.

That was just my inner critic talking, I realize now, and boy was my inner critic wrong! This HAS changed my life!”

Melody Flurry

In Dream Book, we do the work of healing + growing into our dreams together.

Daily Miracle Masterminds

Lately, the Big Thing people keep telling me about what's happening for them in Dream Book is that they are SURPRISING themselves by how BRAVE they are being in the face of the pandemic.

I love this!!!! Your intuition DOES know the best way for you to navigate this unprecedented time - which makes showing up for this work right now more important than ever.

I know for myself - my creative routines have been disrupted, I find it hard to focus while facing so many unknowns - I am also using my Dream Book to help me navigate all of this.

So how, exactly, will Dream Book help YOU?

“I’ve actually accomplished more and received more clarity in the 4 weeks with you than I have in the past 4 years going it alone!”

Carrie Anspach

Dirty Girl Pottery

"Dreambook is helping me to show up for my dream, to keep connecting with my dream and to take actions that are in line with my dream.

Another thing I personally really need to be able to live my dream, and that Dreambook provides, is structure. For me Dreambook is about creating my own structure to do the necessary inner work, outer work and dream work to be able to walk my path.

By sending me reminders Andrea helps me to do this work, even (or especially) when I am stuck and procrastinating.

By working with Dreambook my dream is actually coming true, step by step."”

Eefje Jansen,

Atelier Eefje Jansen, www.eefje-jansen.com

“I listened to you when you said that this would change things, would shift energy and would change me. But I don’t think I believed you.

I believe you now. Your classes have changed things, shifted energy and changed me: profoundly.”

Sheila Petruccelli

Sure As The World .com

How will Dream Book GROW YOU? What will change when you are living YOUR dream? 

That feeling of being excited about something, feeling CALLED towards something, feeling INSPIRED to create something new in your life... that feeling is your soul leading you towards a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Dream Book will help you answer that call. Within the first month you'll be see your self, your dreams and your possibilities in a whole new light.


33 USD per month
  • Jump in today and discover what this kind of deep support can do for you and your dreams! You can cancel any time.


363 USD per year
  • Make a BIG promise to stay with this even when it gets hard! Join for the year and get 1 month free.

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I'll share the principles we use in Dream Book and show you how to journal in a way that helps you be more BRAVE with your dreams.

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