Creative practice + daily magic for growing your dreams, your self and your whole life


Hello! I'm Andrea: artist, life coach, spiritual teacher and founder of the Creative Dream Incubator.  I been teaching life-changing journaling + meditation classes since 2007. I know your obstacles are big and scary but I also I know that your creative genius and inner gifts are MUCH BIGGER than your obstacles.

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Your dream is your sacred calling.

Your dream isn't really about chasing something outside of you: a book on the bestseller list, a wildly successful creative coaching business, taking that dream trip around the world - that stuff is just the icing on the cake.

Your dream is how your soul calls you towards your true self.

The process of making your dream real GROWS you and CONNECTS you more deeply to your magical inner gifts like: wisdom, courage, creativity and power.

This changes you in REMARKABLE ways as you become the person you came here to be.

Your dream is leading the way to your most purposeful, brave, authentic and joyful way of living.

You were made for this.


If you are a creative person who is ready for an honest-to-goodness  BREAKTHROUGH - you're in the right place.

Almost every week someone writes to me with tears in their eyes thanking me for the Creative Dream Incubator and telling me how it's changed them forever.

This is the magic of doing DEEP inner work and cultivating the infinite source of courage, creativity, power and magic that live inside you.


Dream Lab is where I teach my favourite practice for digging into the deep MAGIC of your dream. This is a practice that will transform your inner relationship with your dream so that you can transform your outer experience with your dream.

You get: video classes, guided meditation, printable playbook and in-depth case studies that show you how to us this practice to create significant change in your life.

*You get this class for free when you sign up for my emails.


The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens is a healing circle and inner work workshop.

I'll guide you step-by-step through the process of sitting with the hard stuff and uncovering the gifts in it.

You get: 90 minute healing circle with alchemy meditations, and then a follow-up series of journaling prompts to help you apply what you learn in your life.

*You get this class for free when you sign up for my emails.