My name is Andrea. I teach life-changing journaling + meditation classes for creative people who are ready for a BREAKTHROUGH.

I have been mentoring creatives on how to make their dreams real since 2007.  I know your obstacles are really big and scary AND I know that your genius and inner gifts are bigger than the obstacles you face.

I teach DEEP practices for journaling and meditation to heal the places in you where you hold back while amplifying your inner wisdom, gifts and power.  

If you are a creative person who is ready for a BREAKTHROUGH - you're in the right place.

Almost every week someone writes to me with tears in their eyes thanking me for the Creative Dream Incubator.

"I didn't realize how painful it was that I was holding back on my dreams - to be free of that pain is breathtaking." 

"I thought I was doing fine before but now I feel so free with my dreams, it's like I didn't know how stuck I was until I got un-stuck! This feeling is like nothing else."

"I joined even though I was sure my dream was impossible. You showed me how to do impossible things. My life is forever changed - I am forever changed!"

andreahappyprayer.pngYour dreams are needed.

Your dream isn't just about getting the prize in the outer world. A book on the bestseller list, your dream house, taking that trip you've always wanted to take, a solo art show at an impressive gallery - that stuff is just the icing on the cake.

Your dream is how your soul calls you towards your true self.

The process of making your dream real GROWS you and CONNECTS you more deeply to your inner gifts, truth, wisdom and power. This changes you in REMARKABLE ways as you become the person you are here to be.

What this planet needs right now is MORE people living MORE DEEPLY connected to their inner gifts, truth, wisdom and power. This is how we change the world.


Dream Lab is where I teach my favourite practice for digging into the deep MAGIC of your dream. This is a practice that will transform your inner relationship with your dream so that you can transform your outer experience with your dream.

You get: video classes, guided meditation, printable playbook and in-depth case studies that show you how to us this practice to create significant change in your life.


The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens is a healing circle and Inner Work workshop. It's about bringing healing and magic right into that place where you get stuck with your dreams. Once you get how to do this - you NEVER have to stay stuck again.

You get: an hour-long video class and a series of journal prompts and lessons to guide you in the process of processing and integrating your healing experience.