A Glossary of Creative Dreaming

Because successful creative dreaming requires a radically different approach than most things, I am creating a glossary of terms that helps to explain it all.


This is the START of the glossary of Creative Dreaming.? I’m going to be adding whole posts on some of these terms, and then linking back to them on this page.

Boundaries: one of the tools of sovereignty (see sovereignty, below).? Boundaries help you create space within which you can do the work of creative dreaming.

Healthy use of boundaries frees you up to create your unique life.? Unhealthy use of boundaries just cements you in whatever ego-patterns you are in.? Setting healthy boundaries stems from a healthy inner relationship with sovereignty (see sovereignty, below) .

Creative: your inherent nature.? You are here to create your life.

Creative dream: is any idea that lights you up… from wild life-changing adventures to the tiniest slice of joy.? The creative in Creative Dream speaks to how this is something that you are going to create in your world.

Creative Dreams are the breadcrumb trail your soul leaves for you, guiding you along the path to your authentic sparkling life.

Creative Dream Path: each path is unique, but it is rare to find one that is a straight, simple, well-defined path leading from Point A to Point Dream. ?It twists, it spirals, it leads you not to am outer destination, but into deeper alignment with your own self.

The thing about the Creative Dream Path is that YOU have to create it.? This is messy sometimes, that’s a part of the process.? We always seem to want it to be all clearly defined and already laid out for us – but if someone else laid it out for you, that makes it THEIR path, not yours.

Creative Dreamer: a person who hears the call of her soul, and responds. ?She is not satisfied with just dreaming, she knows she’s here to create her dreams in her world. ?A Creative Dreamer is deeply attuned to her inner world, she is creative and soulful.

Creative Genius: this term is sometimes used interchangeably with Creative Dreamer. ?Creative Genius is the magic within: tapping in the power of your soul, your creativity and your purpose.

EVERYBODY has Creative Genius within them, but many people choose to leave it dormant within them. ?A Creative Dreamer chooses to activate the Creative Genius within.

Creative Journaling: really different from art journaling!? This is about getting creative in your journal as a way of activating your inner creative genius.

It’s about creating your life, it’s not about making art, so it’s not just for artists!? Click here for my free Dreamtastic Creative Journals course.

Creative Soul Alchemy: is the process I have developed over the years, drawing from my training as a spiritual teacher, healer and counsellor, energy healer and intuitive development plus my personal explorations in bringing creative play into the healing/transforming process.? More about that here.

Inner Critic: those voices that say you can’t, you’re not good enough, no one cares about what you have to offer, it’s too hard anyway so why bother?

Like Stucks (see below for Stucks), the Inner Critic is a master at making their opinion appear like a Legitimate And Reasonable Unchangeable Fact.

Inner Critics need to be met with care because deep down inside – they’re not critics at all. ?They’re wounded inner children with huge helpful gifts to share, and with a little love and attention they become powerful allies on the Creative Dream Path.

Intuition: the voice of your inner wisdom. ?Learning how to connect with your intuition is a key skill for successful Creative Dreaming. ?You need the brilliant advice of your intuition wisdom to build your Creative Dream Path.

Obstacle: the Thing that’s in your way, making your dream seem impossible. ?Most common obstacles: time and money.

At the heart of EVERY obstacle is an opportunity. ?A Creative Dreamer knows that the obstacle is never a reason to delay… the obstacle is actually the way forward.

Resistance: the enemy of the Creative Dreamer. ?Resistance shows up as: being too busy, indulging in activities that don’t move you towards your dream, not making time for your dream, believe the things your inner critic says about how you can’t do it anyway or that you have to wait for something outside of you to change first.

Resistance happens when you’ve got a stuck or an inner critic stirring.

Sovereignty (AKA Living from the center of your creative power): is one of the least understood and most important keys to successful creative dreaming.

Everything I say on this page about your creative power applies only to you and your life. ?The second you attempt to create in someone else’s life, you cut yourself off from your power source.

Every. Single. Time. You think someone else should be doing something differently than how they are doing it, you are stepping out of the center of your creative power.

When you truly take responsibility for your path, it becomes natural to honour everyone else’s sovereignty. ?You understand that you have zero creative control over their lives, and you trust them to create their own unique path.? Our whole world is set up the opposite of sovereignty, which is why this can be so hard to understand.

But when you really get this, it’s a total life-changer because it leave you with no choice but to stand strong in the center of your own creative power.

Stuck:? inner obstacles: resistance, fear, procrastination, limiting beliefs, etc.? Hint: if you are not moving forward with your dreams – you’re stuck.

Stucks often try to convince you that they are legitimate. ?That the thing you are doing instead of moving forward with your dreams is actually something you need to be doing right now. ?That there will be time for dreaming later.

That is not true. ?The time is always now. ?Anything that truly needs to get done before you can have your dream will show up on your Creative Dream Path.

Transformation: changing states. ?A total transformation happens when you are working with it on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – it happens inside of you, and that inner transformation impacts your outer world.? (It’s not directly about transforming your outer world.)? This is deep inner work and involves a certain level of letting go of control which can be very confusing.

So while you are in the process of transformation, feeling totally confused is a good sign, it means you are letting go of control and venturing into a new place.

You’ve got a lot of magic in you.

And I’ve got a lot of tools, tips and practices to help you use it more effectively as FUEL for your DREAMS.


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