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Don't Quit Your Daydream! Interview with Ricia Fleming

Hearing the stories of people who are pursuing their dreams is one of the things I find most inspiring in the world. I'm lucky, I get to hear these stories every day in the Creative Dream Circle, my Online Incubator for Dreamers, Artists, Healers, Coaches and World-Changers.

So I'm sharing some of their stories out here! (Circle members: if you missed my invitation to participate in this just send me an email I would love to spotlight ALL of you!)

Today's spotlight is: Ricia Fleming, who has been working since forever to understand and heal those intangible interpersonal traumas from childhood – traumas like emotional neglect, unattunment, unempathic overinvolvement, or being used as a trophy to build up a parent’s status -- subtle traumas that fool us into thinking we have nothing to be upset about.

She’s writing a book to share with us what she’s discovered about validating and healing these subtle traumas.

Check out Ricia's work here:

Check out Ricia's work here:

If you want to get in touch with Ricia you can email her at Ricia [@]