Courageous. I don’t feel it.

On May 3rd we’re doing something special in the Creative Dream Circle… we’re going to invite the Goddess of Courage to join us in the Circle of Miracles (AKA Tele-Playdate), and see what kind of treasures she brings us.

Even though I’m the one who planned this event, I am afraid of this.

I’m noticing that I often do things that I would define as courageous, but still I don’t feel courageous.

I imagine that a person who is courageous does brave things and never feels afraid.

Which is ridiculous! ?I know that the only people who are never afraid are the people who never do courageous things.

And yet – it’s how I feel.

I don’t feel courageous.

And I want to feel courageous.

Well, part of me wants to feel courageous. ?Most of me is scared!

Given the fact that I have done all sorts of courageous things even though I don’t feel courageous – what kinds of crazy risks would I take if I did feel courageous?

That is the fear.

It’s pretty ridiculous, I mean embracing courage and building a healthy relationship with her would probably only help with the work I’ve been doing in developing my Department of Internal Steadiness.

So I am really looking forward to inviting the Goddess of Courage into our Circle of Miracles.

It feels like she can help me.

I imagine, with the Goddess of Courage on my side, that I could:

  • deal with my inner critics even more effectively and quickly than I do now
  • feel more confident in deciding to do things that I know are right, even though they scare me
  • more forward faster with new ideas + plans

Which will help me:

  • be happier and more creative
  • have more energy because it’s not all tied up in making those decisions
  • make more money, faster

Wow, seeing it broken down and written out like this has already shifted something inside.

My fear about befriending courage is a grumpy little old man peeking out from under his hat and looking at this and is almost-actually-interested-but-totally-not-willing-to-admit-it. ?He is saying “Hmmmmm courage may be helpful after all…” ?

I’m going to leave this right there, if I try to push him, he’ll fight back. ?If I give him some space, I think he’s going to come around…

ps: The May Courage Event is for Creative Dream Circle members, which you are welcome to join right here. ?I’d love to have your courageous (or not-so courageous) self be a part of it!

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