[Creative Dream TV] Creative Dream Success Principle

how to succeed in your creative dreams

Earlier this week I blogged about what I learned in giving away 100 free Creative Dream Coaching Sessions.

This week's episode of Creative Dream TV picks up where that left off, and goes into more detail about how people who struggle a lot approach dreams differently than people who struggle less.

The *really great news* is that the people who struggle less don't have more time, money or support.

(This is good news if you are currently struggling because it means you don't have to wait until you have more of these things before you stop struggling.)

The *even better news* is that the people who struggle less take a more creative approach.? Along with creativity comes: play, imagination, connection to spirit, connection to genius, connection to intuition and a whole host of other supportive dream-growing qualities.

This is good news because it shows that the more fun you're having, and the better you're feeling the more successful you're going to be, which is a giant permission slip to HAVE MORE FUN, RIGHT NOW. Yay!

Watch this week's Creative Dream TV for the details on this success principle: