Creative Genius Playtime

Soooooo happy to share this video with you today!? It’s a chat with me and my Badass Creative Genius Fairy Godmother, Chris Zydel of Creative Juices Arts

Watch Chris and I talk about:

  • How to Handle Challenges and obstacles to living as your true self (AKA Brilliant Sparkling Creative Genius)
  • The process of living as a Brilliant Sparkling Creative Genius
  • I share how it took me 10 years to go from wanting to put on a creativity workshop to actually doing it – and how I could have made the leap much sooner
  • Plus Chris’s tips of how to create a “predictable miracle”

And then click here to read all about Creative Genius Playtime, our 3 day retreat coming up in November.

Aaaaeeeeiiii!? I am SO excited for this (as you can tell!)