Excavating Delight


As a part of what we’re doing in The Peaceful Happy Holiday Season class, I’m finding ways to connect to delight every day.

The more I do this, of course, the easier it gets.

The more I do this, the more tiny new doorways to delight get opened up inside of me.

The more I do this, the more I learn about what delights me and how to invite more of it into my life.

This is me, yesterday morning, feeling delighted by wearing a dress and tights I’d made myself:

I haven’t bought any clothes in well over a year, I’ve been sewing everything myself, which brings me a lot of joy – in the designing, making and wearing of handmade things.

I’m also enjoying my yoga practice about a billion times more now that I am finding new layers of delight in it.

Heck, on Saturday night I delighted in giving my bathroom a thorough cleaning.

Delight is everywhere because it lives inside of you.

By holding the intention to pay attention, you can activate and magnify it.

Circle members: don’t forget to keep playing with this! I love reading about your daily delights in the forum.? So much inspiration in there!