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I’m Andrea Schroeder. I would love to support you in making your creative dreams HAPPEN.

I created The Creative Dream Incubator because I believe in a better future for everyone and I know our creative dreams can help show us the way there.

My training is as a spiritual teacher/counsellor/healer and fashion designer, but these days I teach journaling + meditation for navigating the space between where you are and where you want to be using your own intuition + creativity - never by following anyone else’s path.

I have been running an online membership site consistently since August 2012 (!!) holding space for creative dreamers (most of our members are artists, healers, therapists, coaches and activists) in the daily (inner and outer) work of following their creative dreams.

I'm so grateful to be doing this work with such amazing people, and would love to see YOU join us.

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I teach life-changing Journaling + Meditation classes for navigating the space between where you are and where you want to be and I make a few of these classes available to my email subscribers.

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This is how dreams begin.

When you look to where you want to be, there is no path.

Just an impossible chasm and no way to cross it.

When you're not engaging with your dreams it's easy for them to feel impossible.

Once you are engaged, the magic happens and possibilities begin to emerge.

The dream is impossible so you don't engage. You don't engage so the dream is impossible.

When you are caught in this cycle, it's easy to believe that something outside of you has to change before you'll have any other options.

But there are loads of ways you can engage with your dream, right now.

It all begins with seeing creative dreaming as a PRACTICE, instead of a thing to accomplish:

Approaching Creative Dreams as things that you accomplish (or try to):

💫You believe that you need to know how to do it all before you can start, which makes it impossible to do anything.

💫You feel like the only options are to succeed or fail, it feels risky, scary + stressful. 

💫Thinking about it can spark deep fears like "Am I good enough?"

💫You can feel pressure to accomplish the dream to prove yourself

Approaching Creative Dreaming as a Practice:

💫You have ways to engage with your dreams no matter what is happening in your life

💫You can take little steps even when you can't see the path

💫You can be in the process, receiving the medicine + magic of your dream, any time you choose to

💫Your dream will help you heal + grow RIGHT NOW before you make any changes in your life

💫Magical and restorative, your Creative Dream Practice helps you grow into the version of you who can overcome the obstacles and get to where you want to be

Having a practice:

Means to do something regularly or repeatedly. In the most practical sense, practicing improves skills.

So once you are practicing, anything is possible because you keep improving. You show up, do a thing, make mistakes, get inspired to try new things, learn + grow.

Once you are practicing a thing it will transform you.

You become better at the thing, become more confident, and then see new options for what you can do next.

To the people watching it can look like you are making quantum leaps but you know you're just taking a lot of little steps.

A Creative Dream Practice holds space for new possibilities to emerge.

Your Creative Dream Practice is space to show up for your dreams, practice, ponder, heal, grow, face the obstacles, make mistakes, follow inspiration, try new things and ultimately...

Become the version of you who can do the thing you are dreaming of.

A Creative Dream Practice is a creative practice and a spiritual practice.

Because your creative dreams are calling you towards inner and outer growth, your practice encompasses both.

Every single thing that you will need to make your dream happen will come to you in your practice, because you already have the wisdom, creativity, courage and strength that you need. Your practice is where you access it.

Having the right tools to PRACTICE your creative dreams is magic but don't take my word for it.

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