Going for an early morning walk

I know that every part of me – mind, body, spirit – feels best when I walk for at least one hour per day.

And I haven’t been walking one hour per day.

I’ve been hardly walking at all actually.? And I feel like I’ve been hardly walking at all lately and I don’t like how it feels at all.

Last night I gently asked myself why.

Why have I been driving to a coffee shop every morning when really I would love walking there?

And the answer was surprising!

It’s not that I don’t want to walk it’s that I like being in the bubble of magic that is my little red beetle.? I like being in my space, not public space.? Especially in the mornings.

For a lot of reasons, being in my own space is especially important right now.

And as soon as I knew that that was why I wasn’t walking, I knew what to do about it.

With energy work and intention setting and the-putting-on-of-headphones I created my own bubble-of-my-space to be in.

And I happily walked to get coffee this morning.? And it was perfect.

And every part of me, mind, body, spirit, are cheering YAY! WALKING!

Today’s?August Break photo: early morning sunshine.

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