Hello November, let’s do this right.

I’ve been getting ready for winter.? I went through my front closet and took all the summer stuff out – picnic blankets, sunscreen, bug spray, paniers for my bike – and started to bring the winter stuff in.

This is something I appreciate about the Dream Loft – I don’t have much storage space.? In my old house, there was lots of room for everything so I wasn’t as intentional and deliberate about getting ready for the seasons.? My parkas stayed in the front closet all summer, and the picnic blankets stayed there all winter.

Now I’ve got a tiny IKEA armoire by my front door for the things I need there, and a deacon bench in my bedroom for the things that I don’t need right now.? I like this way of having to get ready for the change of seasons.

I tried on my parka and fell in love with it all over again.? This is the one I bought when I sold my car and decided to walk everywhere last winter.? I made sure all the snaps and zippers still worked, washed it and hung it up downstairs, ready to go when it gets colder.

I went through my boots and found I do need another pair as walking everywhere did wear out last year’s boots.? I ordered these and now I can’t wait to start walking in snow -? they are the most comfortable things to ever happen to my feet!

I got yarn and started knitting a new hat and mitts, which makes me super happy.? I got a gym membership, so I can trade in cycling for swimming (and sauna-ing!), and maybe stationary cycling if I really miss my bike over the winter.? I stocked up on candles and chai tea.

I’m really greeting November with open, loving arms which is so funny in light of how I met September this year – kicking and screaming and doing everything I could to hold onto summer.

Of course I prefer being intentional and present and finding all the best ways to make the most of what is happening, but that’s not always possible.? It’s really good for me to notice this, how transition was so hard for me two months ago, and it’s so delightful right now.? The next time I find myself in a difficult transition, maybe I can remember that.

I live in one of the most varied climates in the world.? Hot summers, cold winters.? The seasons have such a huge impact on everything here.? I like that a lot.? And I like noticing how my relationship to the change of seasons ebbs and flows.

Being as awake and present as I can be with November is how I am preparing for my next class: The Peaceful Happy Holiday Season: tools & magic to get you through the holiday season with your sparkle intact.

This is really important to me: diving into the magic of what this season has to offer instead of buying into societal pressures and external expectations about how you should be spending your time, money and energy.? I’ll have more to say about that tomorrow.

You’ve got a lot of magic in you.

And I’ve got a lot of tools, tips and practices to help you use it more effectively as FUEL for your DREAMS.


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