My Intention For This, Or How Stepping Onto The Path Changes The Path

Tomorrow we start Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance.? I’m feeling excited and grateful and ready to begin.

And as I sit with all of this amazing energy swirling around as the community gathers, I wanted to share something I wrote about my intention for what we’ll do together this year.


Over the past few years, I have created all of the classes that were in me to create, about accessing your inner creative superpowers for healing, transformation, miracle-making and ultimately for bringing your dreams to life – which is really just learning how to live your truth in deeper and truer ways.

It still startles me the way our whole world seems to be designed to make us forget who we are and live out of tune with our truth. So the act of coming into alignment with yourself looks and feels like the biggest miracle ever, when really it?s just you being you – which has got to be the most natural thing ever.

All of the tools and processes for doing this are in my classes, which are all accessible to you inside the classroom section of the Creative Dream Circle.

Marketing gurus tell me to keep teaching these same classes repeatedly – that this is the way to easy money as a teacher. And I do love the way that new miracles emerge each and every time and I would be delighted to keep doing just that.

But my intuition and inner creative genius tell me I have to keep growing and stretching. It?s time for me to take the next step.

?Taking the next step? always scares me.

It feels like my heart and soul and creativity are on the line, though really they?re not. It feels like my livelihood is on the line, and I suppose it is.

But mostly it feels like I can?t live out of tune with my own inner truth (and wouldn?t it make the worst teacher ever if I did?) so, scary or not, this is the step I?m taking because this is where my intuition says to go.

I don?t know exactly what it?s going to look like.

I mean I have plans and I have written a lot of the content and I have this heart-vision for what it?s going to be.

But depth work is not predictable.

So I?m going to set out on this path, knowing that stepping into the path changes the path.

I?m going to ask you to trust me to create and hold this space, and continue to re-create and hold the space as it shifts and changes through our collaborative healing and transformation work/play.

I am deeply committed to this process – not to controlling it and shaping it into something neat and tidy and easy to explain – but to being there, in the depths and for creating warm, inspiring space for you to stay there as well.

My heart wants to whisper to me here: it?s going to be so amazing and magical you?re going to laugh so hard that you ever worried about how it might go.

So this is what Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance is: a container for mining your own depths, for becoming more skillful at re-decorating your inner world in ways that delight you.

And then for stepping back and watching the miracles happen in your outer life as your inner work takes root.

We all resist the depths.

We crave deep healing and transformation and at the same time we run from it. It takes a lot of heart, courage and inner strength to stay the path.

This program is a hand to hold, a light on the path and a gentle reminder to stay the course.

It’s as much for me as it is for you.

It’s what my soul is urging me to move towards and I am so delighted for each of you who is joining me on this path. I am in awe of what we are going to create together.

We start tomorrow.? Click here to join us.

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