Journal Cards for Dreamers

Deck of 72 illustrated journaling cards with insightful questions that spark new possibilities.

They're gorgeous. They're wildly inspiring. And they'll teach you new things about how to make your dream real.

$36.99 USD | Get your deck here.



Journal Cards for Dreamers lead you on a new adventure of healing, growth and self-discovery every time you open your journal. 

No more facing the blank page and not knowing what to write, or using your journal as a place to bitch about your life while not actually making it better.  

Journal Cards for Dreamers guide you towards deep, purposeful, transformative journaling.

You'll learn new things about yourself, your dream, why you hold back, and how you can make more space in your life for the things you REALLY want.

$36.99 USD | Get your deck here.



Your dream is how your soul calls you towards your True Self. It's your purpose and potential and creative magic.

Journal Cards for Dreamers help you tap into this magical and expansive part of you.

The deck of 72 cards contains 7 cards with creative visualization prompts and 65 cards with journaling prompts.

The cards are 3.5" x 5" and illustrated with rich, saturated colours. They come in a cardboard box, with a small booklet with Dream Journaling tips.




These cards are printed, sold and shipped from the United States through The Game Crafter.

I did the artwork and designed the cards, but don't have anything to do with printing, selling or shipping so you have to contact The Game Crafter if you have questions about that.

I know the international shipping rates are high. At this time there is nothing I can do about that.

$36.99 USD | Get your deck here.