Journal Prompts for when you’re ready for your NEXT LEVEL dreams

Journal prompts for when you're ready for your next level dreams

Journal Prompts for when you're ready for your NEXT LEVEL dreams:

What does this mean for you right now?
What does your next level look like?
And more importantly - what does it feel like?
Write it out, make it VERY VERY CLEAR.

​I would love to help you make it happen!​

​In Dream Book we work from the belief that your dream is here to GROW you.

Your dream comes from the intersection of your purpose, your creativity, your uniqueness and your potential.

Pursuing this next - level dream of yours is REALLY about becoming more of who you are here to be. A braver, and even more creative and more powerful version of yourself than the creative genius you are today.

By giving as much attention to the inner processes of healing and growth as you do to the outer work of makign your dream happen - you get to play, heal and grow your way into your dream.

​I offer tons of tools + support for this work, in Dream Book.

It's Monday! Join me live for Creative Genius Planning: live meditation + journaling for working on your genius plan for this week!

It’s happening on Instagram live this morning at 10 am (Central, North America). Join me here, or catch the replay at that same link after we’re done.

We’ll do an alchemy meditation to connect with your intuition and get more clear on what YOU need this week to help move you towards where you want to be.

Then I’ll pick journal prompt cards, for some questions to help figure out HOW to move closer to your dreams this week.

These sessions are MAGIC. Every week I get more emails from people telling me how helpful they are.

Be there!

Journal Prompts for when you\'re ready for your NEXT LEVEL dreams
Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps