Let’s party. Today a HUGE dream becomes REAL.

Today my Dream Loft becomes MINE.

I know.? If you’ve been following my blog for the last 2 years you know that this is TWO YEARS in the making.? I stopped sharing the story of it because it got too stupidly complicated.? For the past year I have not known if this was going to work, or if I was even going to be able to get back the money I’d put into it.

A few photos of the Dream Loft… more to come as the construction crew finishes up…

Even though I’m not feeling ready to start, since this is a Big Day for me and my dreams, today seems like like the perfect day to start my new thing: DREAMTASTIC Creative Journals: Inspiring videos (every week!), helpful tools + a heartfelt invitation to share your journey with us.

I’m reminding myself that you can’t wait until you feel ready, sometimes you’ve just got to start. So I’m starting.

In today’s video I’m talking about the FRUITION stage of Creative Dream Incubation, the internal process of inviting a dream into your life which is a LOT more complicated than simply receiving your dream come true and then living happily ever after. (If you want to explore this more deeply, there is a whole module about FRUITION in the Creative Dream Incubator kit.)



creative inspiration cardPS: You’re all signed up for the FREE Creative Dream Coaching Circle next Monday, right?

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