Making A Big Dream Real #4

Christmas happened this week! I had a great time doing Christmas things, and did not make much progress with my dream.

Though I did spend some time with it – meditating and journaling.

And I spent making art, really enjoying getting into the flow of my creativity.

I took Samie Harding’s Gelli Printing class this fall and have really been in love with gel printing ever since.? So playful and fun!

While I was playing with my gelli plate this week, I got inspired to add something new to my weekly Creative Genius Planning Sessions.

My studio in action

Right now I’m using my large Moleskine planner with a page a week, with a blank page on the other side for journaling, which is perfect for Creative Genius Planning (I shared it in this video about the Creative Genius Planning Sessions).

Now I’m adding a sheet of watercolour paper, taped onto the edge of each page, so it folds out.? One side has fun gelli prints on it.? On the back of that sheet I journal about the inner work I’m focusing on for the week – affirmations and energy I want to focus on.

That leaves the whole blank page in the journal free for keeping practical lists of what I want to get done and journaling my way through the blocks I encounter in getting it done.

And it makes my planner more fun and creative looking, which just make it a happier thing for me to work with.

How art-making helped me grow my dream this week:

While I was making the gel prints for this new project, I was wishing I had a really cool feather stencil.

I’ve wanted one for some time, but I don’t ever go to places that sell stencils, and I guess I have not wanted one enough to go out specifically looking for it.

This morning, I was thinking about wanting one and thought… well why don’t I just try to make one?? I’ve never drawn a feather, but I do have a degree in fashion design which included 4 years of fashion illustration, visual communication and life drawing classes.? Surely I can draw a feather?

Surely I CAN draw a feather!? I made many feather stencils and I love them.

I was so happy with my feathers.? And then I sat with that story:

  • I thought I couldn’t do it.
  • I let that thought control the story and keep me from having what I wanted.
  • When I questioned that thought, possibility opened up.
  • When I brought my creativity and curiosity to it, everything lightened up.
  • Just the act of being in creativity and curiosity was so fun it didn’t matter what the outcome was.
  • Getting what I wanted, and finding out that I can do it was really delicious icing on the cake.

And I let myself marinate in that energy.

  • When I am willing to question my story, possibility appears.
  • When I approach my dreams with creativity and curiosity everything changes.
  • When I approach my dreams with creativity and curiosity what I want is in my reach.
  • When I am willing to change my story, miracles happen.

And I am reminded that as long as I stay connected to the heart and soul of my dream, EVERYTHING I do helps me move towards my dream.? I love that!

I also started making a deck of cards with affirmations specifically about this dream.? Not so much “I now have 800 dreamers in the circle” but juicy nuggets of inspiration that help me develop the bigger/stronger roots I need to grow this dream.? As I play with this, I am thinking of doing an affirmation workshop in the Circle later this year.

Discipline: Continued from last week

Last week discipline came up as I was exploring how to make this dream real.? This week I’m noticing how I move in and out of being disciplined.? And how I used to think being less disciplined was worse, and being more disciplined was better.

I’m seeing now that it’s more of a cycle.

Your desire to make your dream real puts you on the path.? Discipline puts you on the superhighway.? Sometimes you need to pull over and have a picnic.

And then when the picnic is done, sometimes it takes a little while for your car to back up to full speed.

I think that’s where I’m at – revving the engine and getting myself back up to full speed.

And that’s all the update I’ve got this week!

I’m feeling creatively all filled up and ready to GO in 2014.

I hope you’re having a gorgeous holiday season!? Next week we’ve got the Creative Dream HOLYday – a creative playdate and a virtual creative dream retreat.? I am SO looking forward to that.


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