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Somethings things are just messy and disorganized and that’s not necessarily wrong – a lot of growth and transformation happens in the mess.

But sometimes we resist getting organized as a way of resisting our dreams – our fears and doubt can hide in the confusing of being disorganized.

If you’re not sure which one of those apply to you right now, just start with the resources below.  If you’re doing your best to get organized but you keep getting stuck then go to the Help! I’m Stuck section of the map.

Here's how the Creative Dream Incubator can help:

This is a part of the Map of the Creative Dream Circle. The linked content will only be accessible to Circle members.

Start by listening to the call on Creative Planning + Project Management in the Dream Plan Kit and experiment with the rest of the Creative Dream Plan Kit which leads you through a process for connecting with your dream and your intuition and working out a plan that marries the inner and outer work of growing a dream.  There is even a whole section in there on what to do when you don’t know what to do 😉

Participating in the daily miracle mastermind posts,  or even just the weekly Dream Status Reports that I post on Fridays helps you stay more grounded and steady on the path and the practice of weekly reflection works like magic to help you fine-tune your plans over time.

Come to the new moon alchemy circles and make a plan for for next month.

Use the Alchemy Wheels for Inner Work, Dream Work and Outer Work in Dream Book. Also: JUST USE YOUR DREAM BOOK! It will help you generate the exact insight/information you need for your next steps.

In my video on Creating Containers and Structures that Nourish Your Dreams I talk about different ways of organizing and planning to give my dreams what they need.

The Choosing + Setting Your Intention Class can help you narrow in on what you want to focus on next.

Your membership give you access to ALL of my classes - the Netflix of Creative Dreams!

They are all listed on your personal dashboard which shows you how much of each class you have completed (that feature only works if you are using the check boxes to check off your progress as you work through the lessons).

This map, which is really an index, helps you find a class based on what you want to explore and gives some tips + ideas for different ways of working with the material depending on what you want to do.

If you have NO TIME FOR THIS: Check out Quick + Simple Ways to Connect With Your Dream

If you are TOO OVERWHELMED FOR THIS: Check out Space-Making: For When You're Too Overwhelmed To Begin


*Does not include mediations from Project Miracle, which just felt like they needed to stay grouped together inside that program. You can find ALL of the Project Miracle meditations here.


For when things are bad:

Creative Genius Planning Session (CGPS)

CGPS: When you have 2 things competing for your attention

CGPS: When you have obstacles

CGPS: When life gets in the way

CGPS: When you need a gentle start

CGPS: When you have no clue what to do

CGPS: When you feel scattered

The Un-Sticking Station (use this when you are stuck or afraid)

For When You're Avoiding The Un-Sticking Station

Feeling Worthy Of Your Dreams

Breakthrough Alchemy Coaching Circle

Sitting With Uncomfortable Feelings

Working With Conflicting Feelings

Having a stable relationship with money when the world is unstable 

The Obstacle Is The Way Through

For When You Feel Self Doubt (with journaling sheet)

Self Doubt Relief (with journaling sheet) (different from the other Self Doubt one, just to have options)

Inner Critic Fix (with journaling sheet)

Procrastination Cure (with journaling sheet)

For When You Are Overwhelmed (with journaling sheet)

For When You're In Resistance 

For Letting Something Go

When You Feel Disappointment (three different videos, with journaling sheets)

Bolstering Your Sense Of Courage

Coming Back To Yourself

When You're Ready To Get To Work Then You Get Stuck

Making Your Trust In Your Dream Bigger Than Your Fear

Yikes! I Am Having A Lot Of Feelings (with journaling sheet)

From the Creative Dream Incubator: Facing Fears

From the Creative Dream Incubator: Positive Energy Shower

Energy Clearing

Anything is possible

It's OK (A soothing meditation for when things don't feel ok)

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