Making a living from your dreams can be really complicated and daunting. It can also be one of the most fulfilling things ever.

Here's how the Creative Dream Incubator can help:

This is a part of the Map of the Creative Dream Circle. The linked content will only be accessible to Circle members.

The Creative Business Incubator has everything I have to say about this.

Dream Book!! I made Dream Book to help me with my process, of nurturing my business dream-come-true while also pursuing new dreams and navigating all of the inner and outer growth involved with this.

When your dream is your livelihood, the daily practice work is more important than ever! Join me for this in the daily miracle masterminds and the monthly coaching + alchemy calls for ongoing goal setting and dream growing.

And the Creative With Money class can help because your inner relationship with money plays a big role in how easy it is for your dreams to support you.

Your membership give you access to ALL of my classes - the Netflix of Creative Dreams!

They are all listed on your personal dashboard which shows you how much of each class you have completed (that feature only works if you are using the check boxes to check off your progress as you work through the lessons).

This map, which is really an index, helps you find a class based on what you want to explore and gives some tips + ideas for different ways of working with the material depending on what you want to do.

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