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Being confused is actually a part of the process.  When you step out of the known into the un-known things are bound to be foggy.

So feeling confused is not a bad sign!!!

But feeling confused is uncomfortable and it’s ok to not want to stay there.

And sometimes a lack of clarity can be a sign that you are avoiding something important because your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs have lots of space to hide in the fog. So you want to work with your confusion and bring in clarity.

Here's how the Creative Dream Incubator can help:

This is a part of the Map of the Creative Dream Circle. The linked content will only be accessible to Circle members.

DREAM BOOK! This is where you create a regular practice that supports you in going deeper and deeper into your process of growth and healing. With Dream Book I give you LOTS to do, so it doesn’t matter how foggy you feel you can still show up for Dream Book and the weekly journaling + alchemy kits – and this work WILL move you towards clarity.

Specifically inside Dream Book – check out the Alchemy Wheels for Dream Work, Inner Work and Outer Work.

You can bring your confusion into the Un-Sticking Station to learn more about how to transform it.

The Crazy Smart Wisdom Councils a process for connecting with your intuitive wisdom – bring your confusion in and see what you learn about it.

The Dream Plan Kit helps you make plans from a place of connection to your intuition and to the heart and soul of your dream.

Participating in the daily mastermind posts helps you stay more grounded and steady on the path and the practice of weekly reflection works like magic to help you fine-tune your plans over time.

The How to tell fear from intuition class can help sort out what’s going on.

The Choosing + Setting Your Intention Class can help you narrow in on what you want to focus on now.

If you work through the whole Creative Dream Incubator with the dream of finding clarity you’ll learn a lot about where you get confused and how to set things up so you have more clarity more often.

The Treasure Mappingclass can help you map out a path through your confusion towards clarity.

You can create Creative Genius Cards to help you remember important things.  It’s easy to lose the insights you get from inner work and then move back towards confusion.  Working with Creative Genius cards helps you hold onto your clarity.

The Creative Dream HOLYdayis a deep-dive into connecting with the heart and soul of your dream.  Spending this time in deep connection creates space for clarity to come in.

Your membership give you access to ALL of my classes - the Netflix of Creative Dreams!

They are all listed on your personal dashboard which shows you how much of each class you have completed (that feature only works if you are using the check boxes to check off your progress as you work through the lessons).

This map, which is really an index, helps you find a class based on what you want to explore and gives some tips + ideas for different ways of working with the material depending on what you want to do.

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