Not knowing what to do next is actually a good sign - it means you’re stepping off the beaten path, and the beaten path is not going to lead to your dream.

The path to your dream doesn’t already exist, it’s something that you have to build yourself.  This is tricky because you have to build your next steps before you know exactly where the path is going.
It’s like driving a car at night - you can only see what’s right in front of you, you can’t see the whole path at once.  But you can get to end by just focusing on your next steps, and then the next steps after that, and the next steps after that.

Here's how the Creative Dream Incubator can help:

This is a part of the Map of the Creative Dream Circle. The linked content will only be accessible to Circle members.

The Dream Plan Kit leads you through a process of connecting with your intuition and your dream to plan out your next steps. There's even a section in there for when you don' know what to do next.

Dream Book!! You can ALWAYS work on the stuff I give you in Dream Book and this WILL help you find your way to your dream.

Participating in the daily posts helps you stay more grounded and steady on the path. The practice of weekly reflection that I share in those posts on Fridays can also make it easier to know what to try next. Come to the next monthly call!

The Treasure Mapping Class helps you map out your next steps.

The Creative Dream HOLYday leads you through a process of connecting more deeply with the heart and soul of your dream to help you understand more about what to do next.

The whole Creative Dream Incubator e-course is about making your dream real, if you’ve already done the course module 3 has a process for creating your next steps action plan which you can go back to every time you need to sort out your next steps.

The Mandala Class shows you how to connect more deeply with your intuition through the process of drawing mandalas. You can use this process to draw mandalas that help you know what to do next with your dream.

You can do the Inspiration Cards Class working with the intention to know what to do next with your dream and make a whole deck of support for your next steps.

I did a video on Creating Containers and Structures that Nourish Your Dreams and a video on How to make it easier to stay on the LONG path for when the path to your dream is going to take a while.

Your membership give you access to ALL of my classes - the Netflix of Creative Dreams!

They are all listed on your personal dashboard which shows you how much of each class you have completed (that feature only works if you are using the check boxes to check off your progress as you work through the lessons).

This map, which is really an index, helps you find a class based on what you want to explore and gives some tips + ideas for different ways of working with the material depending on what you want to do.

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Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps