On Giving Up And Breaking Through

Tomorrow - Monday, April 18 at 10 am Central - I will be on Instagram live for Creative Genus Planning Sessions for this week.

If you go to this Instagram post on your mobile device you can set up a reminder to join us live, or catch the replay on my page later.

We'll do a short feel-good meditation for starting the week and a discussion about navigating your next steps.

This week I want to talk a bit about those times when you have no clue what to do next.

These are not times to stop!! These are actually times of transformation.

I have a lot to share about this and I know it will be a great discussion.

The last few weeks I've been working more closely with the people in Dream Book who feel ready to give up.

With everything that's happening it's like why even bother?

But beneath that "why bother?" story are a LOT of complex layers of feelings.

And giving up is real fuel for our inner critics and their "See? I told you you shouldn't have tried. Of course you failed" stories.

Giving up is not your only option.

People are FEELING LIKE giving up is the only option because they don't have the capacity to work on their dreams in the same way they could 2 years ago.

And when you're overwhelmed it's easy to not notice that THERE ARE OTHER WAYS. You don't have to choose between doing things that feel impossible and giving up completely.

These times call for new ways of engaging with ourselves, our creative projects, and our biggest dreams for who we want to be and what we want to create.

We can approach Creative Dreaming as a HEALING practice.

We can approach Creative Dreaming as a SELF CARE practice.

We can approach Creative Dreaming as a SPACE-MAKING practice.

I have been writing all weekend.

For the last two years, my writing time has been really stiffled because I don't have the mental clarity + capacity to write like I used to.

This weekend, it's kind of back because I am SO inspired by looking at all of the places where people tell me they get stuck, and creating new ways through.

The places where we get stuck are opportunities for growth.

I have a free healing circle called The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens where I show you exactly what I mean by this.

And this approach that I have been teaching for a long time has worked for a long time... But right now, with all the stress in the world, more and more people are just not able to get into it.

So as I have been working with those people more closely, I am seeing ways to add more gentleness, slowness, self care and magic to make the work DO-ABLE even when you feel absolutely flattened.

And as I did that I realised.... oh wow these are the practices I have been doing too!

I have been doing them seperate from Dream Book, but as I look back (hindsight is 20/20!) I see that this is the work that helped me, over the pandemic, continue to engage with the deeper dream-building work in Dream Book.

So I am creating two new options for Dream Book:

One is for when you are completely overwhelmed. The focus is healing, self care and space-making. Instead of giving up, you can focus on healing and self care as forms of MAKING SPACE for your dream.

One is for when you are ready to take your next steps with your dreams, but you've got a busy life or you're going through stuff, so you have limited time and attention for this work. You don't have to put your dream aside completely to take care of yourself.

And the original Dream Book will be called the "I am ready to BLAST OFF!" version for when you DO have the time and energy to dive deep into your next-level dream-making. This pace is ideal for wellness practitioners, healers, coaches and guides. But if you're new to this work and have a LOT of time and energy to devote and want to dive right into the deep end, this is also a good place to start.

It doesn't matter where you are are.

Your dream is always here to help you heal and grow.

To give yourself what you need now AND move yourself towards where you want to be.

I hope to see you tomorrow on the Instagram live.

On Giving Up And Breaking Through