Self Care for the Pandemic

Five days of exploring what kind of self care YOU need as we weather the pandemic.

This is HARD.

As I wrote last week, I believe we, the artists + healers + way-showers, were MADE FOR THIS.

But that doesn't discount how incredibly hard it is to be right here right now.

I've been leaning HARD on my self-care practices to help me make space for myself, to process my feelings, and figure out how to show up right now so I'm not just frozen in fear. I feel this is saving me right now and I'd like to share it with you. 

Self Care done right is MAGIC.

I want to help you find whatever gifts, or healing are available to you right now and I believe self care is the best way to get there.

Again, I'm not saying you need to "make the most of this"  - I think putting a positive spin on a worldwide pandemic shows a real lack of compassion - but I do believe we can access more support than we think we can.

This is what I have been finding as I go deeper into my own self care practices. There are invisible sources of support out there to help us get through this. But we can't tap into them when we're ungrounded and have so many emotions running through us we don't know what we're doing.

You deserve the best self care. During a pandemic and always.

Understanding WHAT KIND of self care is best FOR YOU can be tricky. So we'll explore this together.

Every day for the next five days I'll post a video on Instagram and Facebook and I'll share a new journaling sheet on this page (scroll down to see them).

Self Care Class for the Pandemic

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Self Care for the Pandemic class content:

I'm posting a new video + journaling every day from March 24 - 28. Follow me on  Instagram to see them there, or come check this page every day for links.