Self Care during the Pandemic is challenging!

Self Care is also CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT at this time. AND it's actually harder to do than usual because EVERYTHING is harder to do than usual.

So I made this free class, with videos and journaling sheets, to help you dig in and explore how to approach self care during this challenging time.

This class happened on Instagram from March 24 - 28.

All of the content is now right here on this page.

(The videos are not always loading for everyone on this page - if you can't see them, click on the text description and that will take you to the video on Instagram. You don't need an Instagram account to watch the videos)


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You deserve the best self care. During a pandemic and always. I've been leaning HARD on my self-care practices to help me make space for myself, to process my feelings, and figure out how to show up right now so I'm not just frozen in fear. I feel this is saving me right now and I'd like to share it with you. Understanding WHAT KIND of self care is best FOR YOU can be tricky. So we'll explore this together. Every day for the next five days I'll post a video on Instagram and Facebook and I'll share a new journaling sheet. Get today's journaling sheet here: #selfcare #selfcareclass #pandemicselfcare #selfcaretips #selflove #innerwork #selfcareismagic

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CLICK HERE to download the journaling sheet


CLICK HERE to download the journaling sheet