Your Dreams Are Important

By Andrea Schroeder | August 12, 2012

I am sharing a photo on my blog every day for the month of August, as a part of Susannah Conway?s August Break.

Today’s photo, this sign that I just put up on the wall right behind my desk.

Your Dreams Are Important

Going for an early morning walk

By Andrea Schroeder | August 11, 2012

I know that every part of me – mind, body, spirit – feels best when I walk for at least one hour per day.

And I haven’t been walking one hour per day.

I’ve been hardly walking at all actually.? And I feel like I’ve been hardly walking at all lately and I don’t like how it feels at all.

Last night I gently asked myself why.

Why have I been driving to a coffee shop every morning when really I would love walking there?

And the answer was surprising!

It’s not that I don’t want to walk it’s that I like being in the bubble of magic that is my little red beetle.? I like being in my space, not public space.? Especially in the mornings.

For a lot of reasons, being in my own space is especially important right now.

And as soon as I knew that that was why I wasn’t walking, I knew what to do about it.

With energy work and intention setting and the-putting-on-of-headphones I created my own bubble-of-my-space to be in.

And I happily walked to get coffee this morning.? And it was perfect.

And every part of me, mind, body, spirit, are cheering YAY! WALKING!

Today’s?August Break photo: early morning sunshine.

Goodbye ABCcreativity

By Andrea Schroeder | August 10, 2012

I am sharing a photo on my blog every day for the month of August, as a part of Susannah Conway?s August Break.? A little late with today’s photo because my! blog! was! broken!

And since you are seeing this now you know that my! blog! is! fixed!

And not just fixed but moved to its new home:

I have had for… I’m not sure how long!? I’m guessing 7 years.

I remember that I didn’t know what url to pick.? I discussed it with my friends at SARK‘s message board (which recently closed down) and my amazing friend Knoxy suggested ABCcreativity based on my username at the SARK forum.

And we played with how I could change the meanings of the A, B and C.? Like:


and stuff like that.? It felt good, it felt like a FIT.

At that time, I was doing live workshops and in-person spiritual counseling.

I had been doing my creativity workshops for a while, and wanted to get a website where I could post the dates of upcoming events. (I also wanted to start blogging and I did start a blog, and then deleted the whole thing later because it was embarrassing.)

At that time I had a part time job and was over-the-moon-blissed-out that I had time and space and money for all the things I wanted to do.? (This was after many years of being a starving artist)

I was not thinking about online workshops or leaving my part time job.? I was very happy right where I was.

And that’s where things stayed for a few years.

This post tells the story of when I realised that it was time to let my real work get bigger and let go of my day job and how I made that transition in 6 months.

That was just over 2 years ago.

I have grown exponentially in that time.? I know more now, so much more!?? About business and about vulnerability and courage and about how my real work is being who I am and living what I teach, not teaching what I teach.

I have grown exponentially and ABCcreativity doesn’t fit me anymore.

It hasn’t fit for some time.? When I see people refer to me online as Andrea from ABCcreativity I cringe a little because it feels off.

But I didn’t know what to do about it.

And now I do.

So, goodbye ABCcreativity. You have served me well, so well!

You were there when you were just 1 page announcing workshop dates and locations, you were there for my first (failed!) blog, you were there when I started to experiment with bringing my live workshops online and you were there when I decided to do this, for real, as my full time gig.

You’ve had about a zillion makeovers.? And tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Thank you, I could not have done this without you.

And I’m not leaving you, you’re coming with me!

Starting a new blog would have been easy.? Moving you, with your massive files of juicy content, is why this move was difficult, that’s why I broke my blog trying to move you.




PS: GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO Wendy for fixing my blog and getting it settled into its new home.

Journal Picnic

By Andrea Schroeder | August 10, 2012

I am sharing a photo on my blog every day for the month of August, as a part of Susannah Conway?s August Break.

Today I needed some quiet space amidst the excitement of moving to my new site and taking some new steps in my business and just feeling so OMGYAYOMGYAYOMGYAYack! about it all.

Creative Dream TV: Why it’s so hard to get started + what to do about it

By Andrea Schroeder | August 8, 2012

The reason why you think you're not getting started is not (usually) the real reason. Understanding why it's so hard to get started helps you find a way around the obstacle.


DESIRE Is Your SOUL Speaking To You

By Andrea Schroeder | May 1, 2012

Desire is how your soul guides you along the path to your purpose.

I made it for my Advanced Creative Badasses in May 2012, when we were exploring Desire as our theme-of-the-month.

Then I decided to share it here because the themes and ideas are really important.? The better your relationship with Desire is, the easier it is to bring your dreams to life.

(Sorry about the funny camera angles… I didn’t notice that the camera slipped.)


If you're ready to make your dream real, I am here to help.  Click here for my Creative Dream Incubator.

Your Infinite Creative Potential (and how it means that ALL of your Creative Dreams are possible)

By Andrea Schroeder | April 16, 2012

Infinite creative potential is what you have and it’s what you are.

When you really get this – everything changes.

Photos, Magics + Lessons Learned in my first year as a Creative Entrepreneur.

By Andrea Schroeder | December 27, 2011

I was a little nervous about doing a year-end-review-type-thing because 2011 was so magic I worried my head would explode if I brought all of these memories together at once.

But here I am.? With head intact.


I had just come back from an amazing week by the sea in La Jolla, California. Feeling refreshed and refueled and filled up and READY.

me on the beach in la jolla

I had just quit my part time job to do magic, creativity and love full time.

January 3, 2011 was the day I would have gone back to work after the holidays but instead that was the day I blew my previous record for most money earned in a day by announcing a sale on Creative Dream Coaching.

Nice way to start a new year!

Lesson Learned: Listen to your Creative Dream Fairy. Especially when she says “Now is the time, yes this will work. Do it!!”

My plan was to introduce the Creative Dream Incubator e-Course that month, as I had already been working on it for what felt like forever (starting several years ago with my in-person versions of the course).? But I realised early on that even with all of the preparations I’d done -it was not ready and I was not ready and I changed the date to March.

February + March:

I spent 6 weeks re-working the whole course and turning it into pure magic.? And then I welcomed the first Dreamers into the Incubator.

Manifestation. Magic. Miracles.

Lesson Learned: Honour your creative rhythm, listen to your intuition, trust your heart. Go slow when you need to go slow.? It’s ok to change the dates.
I want to stay here all day

I was starting to feel more comfortable in my new role as a full time creative entrepreneur and realised that I needed some new tools to do this new job properly.

First new tool: iPhone.? Shortly after I discovered and fell in love with Instagram.


April + May:

Creative Collaboration.

Participated in the Wish Studio’s WishBIG e-Camp and Jamie Ridler’s Sparkles (bring your creativity to life in 5 minutes a day!).

And I opened up the Creative Dream Incubator again.

My favourite tree, the Japanese plum tree in my back yard, bloomed.
Oh I love this tree.

One day I went for a fairy walk in this fairy park.

Fairy forest magic

On the way home, my Creative Dream Fairy tapped me on the shoulder and suggested I take a different route.

We drove past a construction site that caught my eye as my Creative Dream Fairy whispered “There it is. The Ultimate Creative Magic Headquarters.” but I was all “Dude! I already have a Creative Magic Headquarters that I love! And this is bound to be too expensive! And I can’t MOVE, not NOW!?”

June + July:

June was my biggest month income wise. Also the month I spent the least time “working” and the most time exploring my inner worlds.

Lesson Learned: Those 2 things are more directly related than I thought they could be.

I also made a promise to myself to go to the beach as often as possible over the summer.

Lesson Learned: Rejuvenation really is just as important as everything else.? Without it, I can’t do my best work.? The parts of me that say I have to “earn” R+R are just plain wrong.

And I created my Creative Genius Planning Sessions.

Monday morning Creative Genius planning session.

Creativity. Vision. Magic.

These have turned into my weekly dose of Creative Dream Jet Fuel.

I met with the developer of the Ultimate Creative Magic Headquarters. Sure enough, it was everything I wished my house was. A big open 2 story loft with 18′ ceilings, huge windows, heated polished concrete floors, a little park outside with a tiny bridge that leads to my door. I couldn’t have come up with a more perfect design myself.

I discussed selling my house with my Real Estate Agent and sure enough, my house could sell for more than the asking price on the condo.

Lesson Learned: You are more ready for the BIG dream than you know you are.

I ran my Creative Journal Magic e-Course in June and it was super popular, super magic and super fun.

I stopped selling my old Meditation Kits and started selling the new Magic Potions (follow the link for a free sample).

It's OK
There is creative magic in you.

I created a new kit called Dream Spark which was in the 21 Secrets Workshop at the Dirty Footprints Studio (and will be available as a kit in the Creative Magic Academy in January).

Somewhere in there I also re-designed the Create a Map That Leads to your Dream Creativity Kit.

It was already an amazing tool for bringing dreams to life but I made it about 14X more awesome.? I added a second workbook and?a series of 14 audio sessions, including guided meditations to activate your Creative Spirit, and help you attune to the subtle signals and synchronicities that the universe is serving up, to help your Dream come true (53.2 minutes in total, with lots of breather space in between for working on your map).

And I kept it the same price!? Magic!

Lesson Learned: I can accomplish so much more than I knew!

One of the funny things about being self employed is that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my hair.

In July I started to really experiment.
Trying to pick my new haircolour. So many to choose from!
Pink hair in pink room.Purple hair.
More pink hair (starting to get used to it)Re-Bleaching.



I had a lot of meetings with the developer of the Ultimate Creative Magic Headquarters and finally in August we nailed down an agreement. Each time I spoke to him he had a different projected completion date.? My intuition said to sell my house right away.

And I discovered my house was not really market-ready. You know all those little things you just learn to live with?? They become very visible when you put your house on the market!

I hired a legion of helpers and my mom came over every day for a week and we whipped the house into shape. The house sold in under 2 weeks for a little over the asking price.
It's official!

And in the process I got rid of 1/2 of my things.? At the time it was kind of arduous to go through everything and haul so much stuff away but at this point I AM SO GRATEFUL TO ME FROM THEN FOR DOING ALL OF THAT.

Freedom. Flow. Simplicity.

And I created the Creative Magic Academy,? a whole new website for my creative courses, including private online space for classes, and a new affiliate program.

And I ran a session of the Rainbow~licious Creative Healing Circle (because, hello! I needed it! August was one busy month!)
Meanwhile, my amazing hollyhocks bloomed.
Hello hollyhock!  My hollyhock fence is in bloom. Yay!


I said goodbye to my dear sparkly house on Sept 1.

The shade of pink that makes me smile. (my bathroom wall)
Messy messy art table.
Bliss room.
Bliss room.
Bathroom door mural.
Happy kitchen.
Dressing room.
Beautiful day in my garden.

And I moved into a tent.

Yes, a tent. In my parent’s back yard.

My new home. I slept so great last night!

And I loved it. And I slept better than I’ve ever slept.

I did yoga under the stars before bed. I breathed fresh air all night long. I had a front row seat for thunderstorms while staying cozy warm with my giant pile of duvets and pillows.

Lesson Learned: Once again, listen to intuition no matter how crazy it sounds!

And, from my tent in my parent’s back yard, I ran a very special one-time-only session of the Creative Dream Incubator – the Creative Business Incubator.

It wasn’t just a course – it was a cross between a course and group coaching with me answering all questions in depth depth depth on video every week. We explored possibility and magic and being true to yourself while building a profitable business.

It was magic.

Lesson Learned: I love small, advanced, specialized courses and want to explore more ways of doing this kind of thing.

October + November:

I took my Creative Journal Magic e-Course and turned it into a kit. I did this for 2 reasons:

1. This is good good good awesomely good stuff! I wanted to make it more accessible for people don’t have to wait for the next course to start.
2. This is all the basic stuff. As I learned in September, I want my classes to be more advanced and specialized. Turning this class into a kit, it can be a prerequisite so I can focus on creating the advanced specialized classes.

Which is what I did next: Give Your Inner Critic a New Job

Advanced Specialized Creative Magics.

That classroom is still open and miracles are still happening and I am in love with it.

[Actually: I am in love with it pretty much sums up this year.]

At the end of October and beginning of November I was in Portland, Oregon for a life changing retreat/course with Havi Brooks.
Fall walk
The Grilled Cheese bus
In the playground
Creative superhero

I got back from Portland and spent a day working with Alexandra Franzen, brilliant wordsmith, to clarify my focus and re-write my website. Which is about a lot more than re-writing my website, of course.

It was about taking all of the things I have learned and transformed this year and pouring it into how I present myself and my work.

Lessons Learned: There are Brilliant People out there who can help. Let them. Take courses. Hire coaches and helper-people. It makes a big difference.


By late fall, I’d earned the money I wanted to earn this year with my business. So I was kind of free to try new things.

Like Free! Tele! Classes!

I was also free to just spend some quality time with me and work on ways of integrating everything I’d just learned in Portland.? That retreat with Havi really changed things for me.

I am certified and accredited in several different modalities of healing, transformation and manifestation.? I have attended a LOT of courses, workshops and retreats. And I have never seen anything that is anything like what Havi did.

It’s like it took everything I knew and put it into a snowglobe. In the snowglobe, everything I knew turned into glitter. Turn it upside down and shake it good. Put it back down and look! There is a tiny magic village in there that didn’t exist before.

That tiny magic village is made up of what I already knew. And it contains everything I do.

But it’s also totally different.? And totally new!

As I keep saying to my friends “This is the best thing I’ve ever learned!”? And it’s not because of what it is, it’s because of what it is inspiring me to do and how it is inspiring me to live, and to be.

Exciting Changes Ahead.

In December I opened registration for the January session of the Creative Dream Incubator (I only plan to run this once in 2012).

And I started creating a whole new structure for how I do my work. I’m taking a lot of Alexandra’s brilliant ideas and weaving them into the 2012 Creative Magic Academy Calendar.


Early in 2011 I was doing some online advertising. I haven’t done it in some time and don’t plan to do any advertising in 2012. I don’t want to focus on finding new people. I want to focus on making more magic.

Over the course of the year I kept experimenting with my Creativity 101 e-course. I plan to stop doing that. I love Creativity 101 and I love all of the emails I get about how much it has helped people. I want that material to stay free and available, and it is, right here. And I want to focus my creative energy on the more advanced magic stuff in my paid courses.

As part of that shift in Creativity 101, I brought my email list and blog subscriptions together. This is step 1. Step 2 starts in January with a shift in my blog.

I’ll still share my own stories and experiences but I’ll also have much more of a structure, with monthly themes and more teaching posts that go with our monthly tele-classes. This makes the blog a much bigger part of the Creative Magic Academy. That also plays into my desire to do more advanced magic stuff in my courses. If you’re reading the blog you’re getting the basics and when you sign for a class you’re ready for Big Magic.

I’m fooling around with my schedule and really listening to what I learned in June of this year when I made way more money by spending way more time working in my internal world, than in the external world. I’m building tools and creating practices that help with this, and at the same time putting together an Advanced Creative Dreaming/Creative Super Hero/Creative Badass course where I share these tools.


I love how many kits/courses I created this year. I’d be very happy to be as productive in 2012.

I love the relationships I’ve developed with my inner critics, inner fears and various sad scared selves. In 2011 I gave these relationships much more attention and love than I ever have before. I want to continue my creative practices that allows me to engage with all parts of me with love and gentleness and permission and space.

Creative Journaling The Big But

I love the way I have become comfortable sharing honestly and openly where I’m at. More openness and real true stories!

I love the way I made big, life-changing decisions based on: 1. intuitive guidance and 2. bringing myself into greater alignment and integrity with what I know to be important (creativity, magic, freedom, healing, transformation and possibility). Even when these decisions don’t seem “practical” (like selling my duplex and giving up my rental income) they are so right (practical is nowhere on my list of things that are important).

Early on my in 2011 I created a map leading to the income I wanted. I played with this map for a few months and eventually painted over everything with blue waves representing flow. I wrote on the waves “New Financial Plan = Trust”. I want to continue to place my trust in trust.

Working outside on beautiful days. Yes! More!
Best office ever

Oh yes. That's the ticket.

Creative Journaling is Magic. The more I do it the magic-er it gets.? So lots more Magic Creative Journaling for me in 2012.
Today's Journaling.

From today's blog post.

This year has been one heck of an amazing ride.

Thanks so much for being here with me.

I promise – next? year is going to be even better.

Thank you elephant. ( today's success card)

Your dream is just the right size.

Everyone secretly worries that their dream is too wacky, too bold, too ambitious, too expensive, too [insert fear-triggered, self-created obstacle here].

I?ve been studying & teaching the art of wish-fulfillment for fifteen years, and I?ve got the BEST news:

Everyone is wrong!

Unless your dream involves a pet unicorn, the ability to breathe underwater, or a new planet of your very own (and a moon to go with it), it IS possible.

And the best time to start making it REAL is right now.

Inner Critics are sneaky and make things seem more complicated than they really are.

By Andrea Schroeder | October 7, 2011

Eight months ago I received a letter about my pension plan at my former job.? More of a package than a letter, with a ton of stuff to read through and a decision to make about what to do with my pension money now that I am no longer contributing to the pension plan.

I looked at it at the time and it started to wake up too many inner critics and fear goblins so I noted that there was no deadline on it – and just filed it away.

And in the eight months since – every time I thought about dealing with it, my inner critics and fear goblins got so riled up I just put it aside again.

They had a lot of stories about how complicated and time consuming and stressful and annoying it would all be.

About how I’d probably have to go down to their office and explain my situation to someone.

Which is the Absolute Last Thing I want to do.

Can you see it?

Hello, Pension Planner Person.? I quit my solid good paying nice job to play with glitter and sell magic on the internet. And no, I don’t want to stay in this pension plan.? I have magic on my side!

So, yeah, lots of things to avoid and not want to deal with there.

Because I was believing the story that my inner critic was telling me.

About how I don’t fit in and no one will understand me.

And how my financial decisions are ridiculous.

Etc, etc, etc.

So I stayed away from the whole thing and over time, as the past eight months went by, the stories became more and more real.

And finally this week I decided to make it a priority and do whatever I had to do to get this settled.? I did remember somewhere there that some money was going to come to me when I sorted this out.? And the money would be handy right now as move into my Dream Loft.

So I quieted my inner critic and opened up the package and this time read it in detail.


Not what I expected AT ALL.

Basically, I can take my money out whenever I want or I can leave it in and draw a pension when I retire.? That part is all cool.? I don’t have to make any life-long decisions right now.

And there’s some extra money, money that is not a part of the plan and is actually mine and needs to come back to me at some point.

So the reason why they wanted a response from me is just to send me money.

Money that would more than pay for the really super cute appliances I’ve been thinking about getting for my new place.

It took 5 minutes.? All I had to do was fill in the form and send it back.

And now I wait for my cheque while deciding which colour I want for my cute new fridge.

Inner Critics are sneaky and make things seem more complicated than they really are

They hold us back in ways that are so hidden we can’t even see that we are being held back.

Things look so hard but really they aren’t.

All these things you think you can’t do – you can do them.

You just have to stop believing the stories your inner critic is telling you.? And then all sorts of things become possible.

And then, you can take it a step further by getting your inner critic on your side.? And then the real magic can start.

Anyone want to buy an outlandishly colourful house?

By Andrea Schroeder | July 26, 2011

Because mine is going on the market!


It’s all happening!

It’s all happening very quickly.

And I am so excited.? Even though I have loved living here so much.

deep blue sleepy bedroom

hollyhock fence
hollyhock fence

wild garden
wild garden

purple hallway
purple hallway


me and a door mural (there are three door murals)
me and a door mural (there are three door murals)

bliss room
bliss room

art room
art room

bliss room
bliss room


I just realised I have no photos of my superfun violet dressing/sewing room, or my yellow and turquoise hula-girl kitchen.

Will have to remedy that before I leave.

Please keep your fingers crossed that it sells quickly!

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