Vision boards and positive thinking are great but can only take so you so far.

I know the #liveyourbestlife Instagram culture is telling you to just think positive and high vibe rise above...

But in over a decade of coaching creative people to make their dreams real - I have seen that strategy work for exactly NO ONE.

Making a dream real is NOT all about rainbows and unicorns.


Making mistakes. Taking mis-steps. Freezing in fear. Procrastinating. Staying small.

This happens to EVERYONE who is out there pursuing their dreams.

Everyone gets stuck and when you're stuck it doesn't mean you did something wrong or that it's time to give up.

The truth is: these stuck places the places where you have the GREATEST opportunity for growth and healing.

Amazing things start to happen when you really truly deeply FACE that thing that's stopping you.

When you get BRAVER about the INNER WORK your possibilities expand.

The thing that's got you stuck is NOT meant to actually STOP you.

It's meant to be a teacher. It's here to GROW you.

When you learn to sit with the obstacle, when you learn how to learn from it - then you learn how to receive the gifts of it.

And those gifts are EXACTLY what you need to make your dream real. Every time I do this by myself, in a class or with a client - it work LIKE MAGIC.

Yes. There is MAGIC in your OBSTACLE.

The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens is a FREE Inner Work Workshop and Healing Circle where I guide you through the process of finding the magic in YOUR obstacle.

This is for beginners and seasoned experts alike because we ALL benefit from doing this work together, in the inspiration and magic of a Healing Circle.

It's NOT a webinar or sales pitch or anything like that - it's a REAL workshop and healing circle where you can experience the DEEP MAGIC of inner work. I even invited my clients and students to attend.