The Re-Structuring of Dream Book

I'm sending an email to all Dream Book members with just the important details, and writing this here for anyone who wants to read the whole story.

Let's start by saying: These are intense times.

When the pandemic first hit North America, I was delighted that the tools I was teaching for how to do Inner Work to navigate fear/unconscious sabotaging patterns/self doubt/those times when everything is foggy and you don't know why.... those tools were working for the new "pandemic overwhelm".

And then a little deeper in I saw - more and more people are not able to keep up with the pace of this program.

So I created a new option to turn off the lesson emails (and still get emails about live calls, etc) and just work through the material at your own pace. And an option to re-start the email series time you want.

And I was very encouraging about not following the timeline of the emails. I'm not teaching math here, this is 100% non-linear.

And not the neat and tidy "it's a spiral journey!" kind of non-linear but the actual total chaos of healing and growing your way into a dream. Being in your process matters so much more than following any kind of timeline with your dream.

And then 2022 happened.

It's harder than ever for most people to engage with the deep work that your dream needs from you.

AND our dreams are calling louder than ever.

I've been reaching out and asking Dream Book members to speak to me, to share what parts they struggle with.

And, since I know the whole program so well, I could offer them different approaches to take that would work for where they are.

And I could look at what was happening for people in a broader sense, to see what needed to change with the structure of Dream Book.

At first, I created three different "paces" for the program:

The current pace was re-named to this:

I am ready to blast off! I have the time and energy to do this!

There ARE people in the group that the current set-up is working for, and I didn't want to change anything for them.

And then I created a slower pace:

I am ready to begin but let's take it slow.

Which felt like it was honouring where most of our capacity actually is and created a balance between "not being able to do your dream exactly how you want" and "not giving up completely".

And then for the people who were too overwhelmed for that, I also created this one:

I want to do this but I'm overwhelmed. Let's start with space-making and healing.

This is completely different content. It's VERY content-light and self-care-heavy, to meet you in those places where you feel flattened and help you fill yourself back up.

Once I got into the creative process I refined this some more.

As I was deciding HOW slow the slow pace should be I realized - it's irrelevant.

SHOWING UP is all that matters. Getting you into your process is all that matters because once you're there you'll find your right way, and pace.

Now - Dream Book is a MONSTER of a program. It's EVERYTHING you need for the inner AND outer healing AND growth that your dream needs from you. AND it's a way of journaling that helps you turn your journal into a map that helps you get to where you want to be.

I always had checklists on the website to help you get started, but in these overwhelming times, just looking at a monster of a program can feel like too much, and make it hard to focus on the checklists.

Once you're INTO IT, of course you WANT the whole monster because one day the problem is self doubt and the next day you want to work on developing more momentum and the next day you're procrastinating and yes you need different tools for each thing.

So I simplified the checklist.

Going back a minute - at the time when people first wanted to do this self-paced without the emails, what I did was copy all of the emails (124!) onto the website and create a checklist out of them so you could always see where you were.

Going back further - I first created the Dream Book content AND THEN I created the year-long series of emails guiding you through the content.

But it's more complex than that because Dream Book draws from another program of mine - Creative Dream Alchemy. The way I describe it is: Creative Dream Alchemy is the magic that powers Dream Book.

Creative Dream Alchemy is a library of tools for Dream Work, Inner Work and Outer Work.

Remember when I said Dream Book is a way of journaling that helps you turn your journal into a map that helps you get to where you want to be. In order to walk that path - you are going to need these other tools.

So sometimes in Dream Book instead of a specific lesson about Dream Book I ask you to use a specific tool in the library of Creative Dream Alchemy.

One of the things I am doing there is encouraging you to create a practice of using the tools. If you're stuck - use the Un-Sticking Station, don't just stay stuck. If you're doubting your dreams, use the process for doubting your dreams, etc. I encourage you to remember that the tools are always there to use AS YOU NEED THEM, not just as they come to you in the Dream Book lessons.

Years 2 + 3 of Dream Book are more around using the tools to support you in going deeper into your own process.

Back to my point about simplifying the checklists:

Some of these email lessons pointed to Dream Book lessons. Some of these email lessons pointed to other tools on the website and asked you to work with them in specific ways.

So.... some of the lesson emails are not actually needed, for those I put those Dream Book lessons into the checklist instead of the email-turned-into-a-web-page.

Some of the lesson emails ARE needed, so I left those as they were.

It reduces the number of pages you are reading, and checkmarks you have to tick off.

As I said - it simplifies the checklist, which is a small thing but actually makes it feel different.

Then once I had that realized - the pace is IRRELEVANT so why create a slow pace?

Creating the fast pace and slow pace is still defining "fast and slow" and they're NOT relevant in ANY way.

Depth is what is relevant and each person measures that in their own way.

So then I decided to NOT create a specific pace for that middle option - the "let's take it slow" because everyone will just take it how they take it.

The original email option - the "I have time and energy and am ready to really do this" option - will still exist. It will be presented as "IF you have time and energy and IF having 2-3 emails per week lead you through feels helpful to you, then sign up here"

But NO pace - NO emails leading you through - can make it really easy to not follow through.

That's why I first designed Dream Book the way I did - with artwork and encouragement in the emails as consistent reminders about your dream and all the magic that it has for you.

Luckily in Dream Book there is another option.

I write on our private blog (The Daily Miracle Mastermind) every day, Monday - Friday, to share what I am doing in my process.

This blog used to be where we'd work together, in the comments, and members would share what was happening for them. But in the last few years it's gotten more quiet as more people have switched to emailing me when they have a question.

So I am going to encourage people back to the blog, and back to leaving questions/thoughts in the comments where they can connect with other members outside of the live calls.

It makes sense that so many people turned inward in the last few years. And it makes sense to re-connect now.

So I will encourage everyone who is NOT doing the Dream Book lesson emails to sign up for the private blog by email, and in those emails will be artwork and encouragement and links to join us in the comments AND a link to the Dream Book checklist which you can work through at your own pace.

And the Space-Making program:

There are times when we are just too overwhelmed to engage with our dreams, no matter how much we want to.

The work of taking care of ourselves and refilling the well IS THE WORK YOUR DREAMS NEED FROM YOU.

The way I see it, it's all the same. And you can use Dream Book for navigating the process of re-plenishing yourself.


When you're overwhelmed it's hard to find your way.

So I did create the Space-Making program, which is light on content and heavy on self care.

We focus on creating a space-making practice which can start as small as staring at the wall for 1 minute. If you can stare at the wall for 1 minute, you can begin the process of MAKING SPACE for yourself and your dreams.

It's got 8 lessons the help you find you way in to a gentle dream work practice.

And, same deal as Dream Book - you can guide yourself through it on the checklist or you can sign up for it via email - you get an email every 3-4 days.

This feels really good to me.

Dream Book ALWAYS wants to shift and re-configure to be able to meet people where they are.

YOU are the bridge between your dream and the world, your dream work practices need to be do-able where you are today AND transformative/generative so they help you create the future you want.

The Re-Structuring of Dream Book