Today’s FREE tele-classes: AUTHENTICITY + POETRY

Oh my gosh I’m having such an amazing week, these classes have just been ridiculously inspiring.

Remember that the recordings from the classes are only available for free for 24 hours.

NOTE: This even happened the week of January 5-9 so you can no longer sign up.? If you’d like to listen to the recordings (the classes were amazing!) you can get them inside the Creative Dream Circle, where we start the Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance program on January 19.

Today we’ve got 2 (super fun!) classes:? COMING OUT AS YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF with Liv Lane and POETRY IS A LIFELINE with Liz Lamoreux.


Liv helps brave-hearted, open-minded ?human sparklers? understand their past and embrace their now in order to leap into their bright futures.


In this class, we?ll be exploring the idea of ?coming out? as your authentic self.? Just showing up in your life as your actual self is an act of incredible power and is the first step towards living a more meaningful life.

I invited Liv to be a part of this because every conversation I have had with Liv has been full of joy, depth and light so I know you?re going to love this call.


Liz is an artist, author, Be Present retreat leader and she teaches creative self-care workshops online and in-person.

In this class we?ll be exploring how poetry can be a lifeline. Liz will answer your questions plus offer some poetry prompts for you to play with.

I invited Liz to be a part of this because I thought her approach to poetry would add a lot of richness to this series. Liz is gifted at creating space to help you access your own brilliant depths while acknowledging the realness of real life.


This tele-class series is just what I need to start the year in an inspiring way: rich conversations about the inner process of creating your authentic, creative and abundant life.

These are highly interactive calls where we?ll focus on answering your questions about the topic. So it will be LESS ?experts telling you what to do? and MORE engaging in deep, meaningful conversation.

Talk to you soon!

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