Update #2: Finding Flow

Following my new plan, today the question I got from the journaling cards was:

What are you learning?

Today's journaling card: What Are You Learning?

Oh my this was a good question.

As I listed all the things I am learning I also started listing the things I wanted to be learning and the things it would be nice to be learning which led me to some new questions, including one which was super helpful: “How do I want people to feel when they encounter the journaling cards page on my website?

That question got me right into creative flow with how to put the cards out there.

I started writing out what I want to say about the cards.? Then the idea came to me for how I want to design the page in a way that would support how I want you to feel when you encounter the cards on my website.

I did a bunch of artwork for that – to make the page match the look of the cards.? I even got it formatted and uploaded to my website.

I worked on the design for the page.

And planned out the video I want to make.? These cards REALLY want a video, where I can show you the deck.

BUT I want to feel grounded and confident and happy about sharing them, before I can record the video.? So I’m doing the other stuff first while increasing self-care so that I get to feeling that way sooner rather than later.

Right now I’m feeling optimistic and inspired and still a little overwhelmed.? I know I could push myself, and record the video anyway, and it would be fine but it wouldn’t have the same energy it will have if I wait until I’m REALLY feeling it.

Plus, being so introverted and sensitive, I’m not always in a good space to talk, so my videos really are better when I wait until I am in a more extroverted space (and practicing extra self-care can help me get into that space faster).

With my work, I am ALWAYS being challenged to move slower.? To wait until everything is aligned on the inside before acting on the outside.? To give things the time they need to grow.

I am not usually very patient with this, but I am getting better.

A part of me really, really, really wants to finish this this week – this part of thinks I should already be done so she’s just really in a hurry and keeps pushing me to work all the time at this.

But, why?

In the grand scheme of things, what difference does it make if I put the cards out there tomorrow or next Tuesday?


The idea that I “should” get this done quickly is just impatience-wrapped fear.? It has no substance.

I am REALLY enjoying writing these updates.

Just like the weekly updates I write on Fridays in the Creative Dream Circle to share my ongoing process of living my dreams (and if you’re a Circle member I really want you to participate in those weekly sharing circles with me – that’s where the magic happens!) writing these updates every day is keeping me grounded in the process.

When I feel grounded in the process everything is clearer and easier – the path smooths itself out.

See you back here tomorrow…