You believe in your dream. But you also have to live in the real world.

Holding space for your dream, doing the work of nurturing your dream, WHILE taking care of everything in your "real life" is a lot!

Sometimes it's amazing and inspiring and energizing. And sometimes it's exhausting. Sometimes it's just hard to find the magic!

You want to work on your dream. You love that feeling of engaging with your own purpose and potential.

But sometimes getting there is just too much.

I get it. It's easier to make popcorn and watch Netflix than it is to dig around in your inner world to find your magic.

YOD19d.JPGSo let's make it easier.

The Year of Dreams is a year-long journaling kit that makes it easier to dig into the magic. No matter what's going on in your real life.

So you get fun things to cut and paste - a whole new sheet of them every week!

And you get alchemy exercises and processes so you're not just using your journal as a place to bitch about your life, you're able to really  dig into the magic of your dream.


You'll be AMAZED by what changes when you've got DEEP and ongoing support for working on your dream.

I'm not going to make a bunch of ridiculous promises here. I don't know what will change for you.

But I do know that things change when you show up for your dreams.

And I know that magic happens when you make space for magic to happen.

And I know that inside the Year of Dreams, people are having amazing insights about themselves, and their dreams, week after week.



The Year of Dreams will help you find your MAGIC.

It's playful, engaging, and LIGHT enough to use regularly.

Because doing this work regularly IS the shortcut to stepping more deeply into your magic.

Plus we do a live call every month - so you can get support, encouragement and help brainstorming ideas for how to make your dreams real.

If you can't be there live you can send me your questions via email so I can answer you on the call and you can still receive the support and encouragement of the group.

All the support you need to really dig in and work on your dream.


YOD19b.JPGYou'll get a sheet of cut + paste journaling prompts, alchemy experiments and Creative Dream Mantras.

These weekly journaling sheets provide a steady stream of new discoveries + magic for you and your dream.

When you first join (and you can TRY THE FIRST WEEK FOR FREE - there' s a sign up at the bottom of this page) I'll guide you through everything on video.

You'll get got special meditations and alchemy processes that help you tap into your inner sense of trust in the magic and power of your dream.

It's NOT just about making a super positive colourful journal. It's about digging deeper into your Dream Work practice and connecting with your inner magic.

And we have a monthly live zoom call where you can get support for whatever you’re facing on the path to your dream and fill up on the magic of communing with other creative dreamers.

Do not discount the magic of not feeling alone in the places where you struggle with your dreams! I always leave these calls feeling more connected to myself and my own magic, because I feel more connected to this amazing circle of dreamers.

And the magic + support are available both in the live calls and in the recordings: if you can’t be there live you can email me your questions for me to address on the live call. The recordings are just as heartwarming as the live calls.

The coaching calls alone are MORE THAN worth the cost of the Year of Dreams 2019 ;)



The Year of Dreams is flexible enough to fit into your life and your dreams.

You can use it in your journal or in your regular daytimer in addition to your normal planning process.

It adds an extra layer of magic + sparkle to whatever journaling or planning system you're using

And when it comes to the Year of Dreams you’re never behind!

One thing I've noticed in online classes is that when life inevitably gets busy, people fall behind and it gets really hard to get "back on track".

So in the Year of Dreams there is no such thing as "behind!". There are just new invitations, coming at you every week, to dive in. A fresh start in your inbox every week - and a reminder to make some time for your dreams!

yod19a.JPG(The free trial includes everything EXCEPT the live coaching calls)

After your free trial you can register for the rest of the year for just $21/month (USD). 

Or if you want to dive right in - register here.