A Journaling and Meditation Class to help you feel more CLEAR and SURE about your next steps when you're:

💥 Dreaming BIGGER


⚡️ Starting a new project

✨ Figuring out HOW to get to where you want to be

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As I say several times in this class: doing this work can trigger the VOLCANO OF UNCOMFORTABLE FEELINGS.

If this happens for you: go to my The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens class, right here.

In that class I'll lead you through the process of working through it.


There are three things you really need to know about your dreams:

  1. Your dream is your SOUL calling you towards your TRUE SELF. This means your dream is not frivolous, and it's also not something outside of you to chase after. It's a sacred calling.
  2. To answer that calling, you are going to need to GROW towards your true self. This includes inner growth, outer growth, creative growth and any other kind of growth your dream wants to throw your way.
  3. The obstacles between you and your dream are not in the way. They ARE the way.

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Take that in. This dream is your SACRED CALLING.

Approach your dream with reverence and confidence. You were chosen for this and you are absolutely ready for this.

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Inside Dream Book, I'll help you make it happen.

Working with creative dreams is my whole thing.

I was born with LOUD callings. I could always hear them but I didn't have any clue what to DO with them.

When I did start to figure out how to properly tend to my dreams so they could become actual real things in my life, I felt so deeply in love with this work that I started the Creative Dream Incubator to share it with others. It took me a few years to establish the business, I went full time with it on Jan 1, 2011. Since then, I've only gotten better at this work.

Every week I get emails from people telling me how much Dream Book is changing their whole lives.

Though - it's not ME doing that, it's the BIG magic and medicine that comes from having the support you need to follow your sacred calling, grow into who you really are and make your dreams happen.

Dream Book will help you solve the biggest problems you face with your dream:

Not knowing where to start, or how to get to the next level.

I will give you so many way to work with your dream! If anything you'll have too many options for what to do next... sometimes people have to email me to ask which one they should work with because they don't know what to choose. (And that's good! Helping you get the most out of your membership is my job, so I am happy to do this! There is a contact form right on the main page where you can email me anytime.)

Being all alone with your dreams.

Creative Dreaming is a long and often lonely path. Having people WHO REALLY GET IT to get support from is everything. Our Zoom calls are absolute medicine for the soul - and that's even when you're working with the replay. Hearing other people's stories every month is medicine.

Feeling like you're not ready to face the obstacles.

As established, the obstacle is not IN the way, it IS the way. Which means we need to face it and work THOROUGH it.

This is terrifying sometimes! Our dreams are always pushing us to face the things we'd least like to face. This is ridiculously difficult to do on your own. Come do it with me, we are stronger together.

And Dream Book will not CAUSE the main problem most things like this cause:

A lot of coaching and personal growth programs ask you to follow someone else's blueprint instead of listening to your own inner wisdom.

I mean, this is YOUR SACRED CALLING! It's imperative that you navigate the path with your own inner wisdom.

But more importantly, programs that give you blueprints and tell you to follow them undermine your trust in your inner knowing. That's not what we do here.

The Dream Book membership is full of smart, creative, accomplished people. Dream Book exists to SUPPORT and NURTURE their genius.

One of the things I LOVE about our live classes is how people will come on and share how they CHANGED the meditation or journaling prompts or suggestions I was making to make them fit better for them. I encourage everyone to listen to their own selves, and do things in their own way.

We learn so much from each other when we all have space to be our unique selves, doing things in our unique way.

Dream Book costs $33 USD a month.

Yes, it's a subscription. There is a cancel button right in your account, you don't have to send an awkward email, you are free to cancel your membership any time.

Give it a try - within the first month you'll be seeing yourself and your dreams in a whole new light.

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Who is Dream Book for?

The Dream Book membership is full of artists, healers, coaches, therapists, writers, and people who are figuring out who they want to be. While there is some content specifically for that overlapping space between creative dreams and creative businesses, not everyone is working on "business dreams".

Dream Book works best for people who define themselves as creative in some way, and have some kind of spiritual life or connection to their inner world. People who enjoy taking time to reflect and explore the inner and outer aspects of their dreams.

Dream Book includes facing the hard stuff: both inside and outside of you. We recognize that we don't dream in a vacuum, we dream in the world. We talk about the difficulties of living and dreaming in a racist, sexist, capitalist world (and all the ways that dominant culture tells us who to be) as climate collapse is happening around us. So Dream Book works best for people who are not looking to spiritual bypass any of this, or pretend it doesn't exist.

I created Dream Book to make it easier to keep showing up for yourself, your dreams, and the life you want to create.

Creative Dreaming is SUCH brave work and you deserve to be supported in it.

Dream Book is three things in one

You can focus on the parts that are most helpful for you you right now and leave the rest! Some people JUST do the classes in their own journal. Some people JUST do the live Zooms, or the replays. Some people dip in and out. Whatever works for you.

I am becomign who I was meant to be

✨THE MOST✨ in-depth course on navigating the inner + outer work of making your dream happen.

Dream Book gives you the tools to navigate your path with more CLARITY and CONFIDENCE.

The course is designed so that each thing you learn is immediately applied to your life and your dreams - step by step, you keep gaining more CLARITY and COURAGE for navigating your own path.

It's A LOT of material, broken down into small lessons. The content feels less like a class, and more like on-going mini healing sessions and life coaching for your dream.

An online creative mastermind where we do the work together

Doing this work in community is a miracle-generator. We grow so much stronger together.

The Daily Miracle Mastermind is a private forum where I share my "behind the scenes" of how I use the Dream Book framework to navigate the path to my new dreams, and invite you to share your stores, ask questions or get support. (Recently I have started sharing my posts on my public blog too, but the forum still gives YOU space to participate)

Plus the Zoom calls! Monthly intention setting and coaching calls right before each new moon, a monthly Marketing As A Creative + Spiritual Practice call -  and the "extra calls" most months (keep reading for more).

If you can't attend live, there is space to leave me your questions so I can address them on the call, and we can discuss further in the private comments section - you don't need to be on the Zooms to get support with Dream Book, most people use the replays!

A library of alchemy tools for healing and transforming all the things that get in your way

Imagine feeling overwhelmed... and going into the alchemy library and grabbing the overwhelm process. It's a journaling sheet with a short video class where I lead you through the process of transforming your overwhelm into the thing you need most in this moment.

The alchemy library is full of tools to help you transform whatever is in your way - overwhelm, procrastination, fear, huge obstacles - we all GET stuck with our dreams, but having these practices mean you never have to STAY stuck with your dreams.

You won't just have ways to work THROUGH it. You'll have ways to turn your stucks into FUEL. This changes everything.

Upcoming live calls:

We do a New Moon Intention Setting + Alchemy Coaching Circle AND a Marketing As A Creative + Spiritual Practice call every month.

And I'm doing a series of calls this spring to help with creative dreaming in hard times:

Feb 15: Exploring Resistance + Creative Flow

March 12: Taking The Inner Work Deeper.

April 9: Letting Your Dream Come To You Instead Of Chasing After It.

May 15: Creating Self Care Protocols to Support Yourself in Being The Version of You Who Can Do Your Dream.

Examples of past calls:

Exploring your Post-Pandemic Self

Habits Upgrade

Feeling Worthy of your Dreams

Having a Stable Relationship With Money When The World Is Unstable

Structure, Habits, Routines

Slow the fuck down! BE as powerful, creative + magnetic as you ARE

(These are so good! Replays are available instantly when you join)

Here's what you'll need:

  • A computer or mobile device with an internet connection to access video lessons and meditations and download worksheets.
  • A journal: ANY kind of notebook, whatever you like to use. I do suggest something on the larger side, like printer paper sized, to give you enough space for the processes you'll be doing. But of your muse prefers a smaller notebook then by all means!
  • Some time every week: how much time is ENTIRELY up to you. 1-2 hours a week is ideal, but if you have less time you can still use the time you have to make progress with your dream. A lot of us find that when we spend more time doing the Dream Work, we actually end up more productive with the Outer Work. And in all honestly - even just giving your dream 1 hour or less a week moves you forward so much faster than "waiting to have enough time" ever will.
  • OPTIONAL: printer, scissors + glue for printing out the printables and glueing them into your journal. If you're not a printables person you can use my worksheets as guides and just do the work in your journal. There are also printable bundles with a whole month's worth of printables, which makes it easier to print everything at once, if you are using a print shop.

"This, THIS, is why Dream Book is such genius program: Simultaneously connecting me with the essence of my biggest dream and solving the most mundane next step towards it. Thank you."

Meliors, The Holistic Tooth Fairy, www.holistictoothfairy.com

As a special bonus, you'll also get access to my entire library of e-courses!

I've been exploring this work for 30 years, and doing the Creative Dream Incubator full time since Jan 1, 2011. I've made some great courses in that time! The library including some AMAZINGLY helpful stuff like:

Project Miracle, a 30 day program for calling in the breakthrough you need right now.

Focus Pocus, a 21 day program for getting focused and making remarkable progress.

Creative With Money, a deep-dive healing program for creating a whole new inner relationship with money

Creative Business Incubator, an in-depth program I made with everything I learned when I made the shift into doing this work full time

... Plus so many other programs and tools I can't list them all here.

I did put them together on this page, if you want to check it all out.

It's the Netflix of Creative Dream Classes - indexed by topic so you can find just the thing you need, right when you need it.

Your dream is waiting for YOU to come true.

Join us today to see what changes for you when you have DEEP and EFFECTIVE support for SHOWING UP for your next big dream.

Yes, it's a subscription. There is a cancel button right in your account, you don't have to send an awkward email, you are free to cancel your membership any time.

Dream Book will help you grow BIGGER THAN your obstacles.

You'll learn how to generate exactly the insight you need, right when you need it.

You'll turn fear and doubt into fuel for the journey.

You'll learn to generate the clarity you need, when you need it.

You'll go deeper, be braver, and surprise yourself at what becomes possible for you.

“I’m one of those people who used to think that I didn’t have enough time or money to participate in something like this.

I realize now that thinking I didn’t have enough time or money was just an excuse. It was kind of tied into not believing in my own self worth, like I shouldn’t spend the money or take time away from my kids to do this because it was silly and it wasn’t going to cause a change in my life so what’s the point.

That was just my inner critic talking, I realize now, and boy was my inner critic wrong! This HAS changed my life!”

Melody Flurry

Lately, the Big Thing that's happening for people in Dream Book is that they are SURPRISING themselves by how BRAVE they are being in the face of the pandemic.

I love this!!!! Your intuition DOES know the best way for you to navigate this unprecedented time - which makes showing up for this work right now more important than ever.

I know for myself - my creative routines have been disrupted, I find it hard to focus while facing so many unknowns - I am also using my Dream Book to help me navigate all of this and keep finding surprising and helpful gifts in it.

Dream Book will help you see beyond your blind spots.

We all have places where we get stuck and hold back. These are actually PATTERNS and we tend to re-create those patterns each time we try something new.

With Dream Book, you'll see those patterns with more clarity while you also connect more deeply with your inner wisdom, courage and power more deeply. In your Dream Book, these two things combine to have you making totally new choices and getting totally new results.

"Dreambook is helping me to show up for my dream, to keep connecting with my dream and to take actions that are in line with my dream.

Another thing I personally really need to be able to live my dream, and that Dreambook provides, is structure. For me Dreambook is about creating my own structure to do the necessary inner work, outer work and dream work to be able to walk my path.

By sending me reminders Andrea helps me to do this work, even (or especially) when I am stuck and procrastinating.

By working with Dreambook my dream is actually coming true, step by step."”

Eefje Jansen,

Atelier Eefje Jansen, www.eefje-jansen.com

“I listened to you when you said that this would change things, would shift energy and would change me. But I don’t think I believed you.

I believe you now. Your classes have changed things, shifted energy and changed me: profoundly.”

Sheila Petruccelli

Sure As The World .com

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Here is everything that's included in your Dream Book subscription

Within the first month you'll be seeing your self, your dreams and your possibilities in a whole new light.

The Genius Dream Book Journaling System for documenting your process of healing + growing your way into your dream WHILE ALSO creating a map that shows you how to get to where you want to be. New content is released every month in the first year.
Nourishing monthly new moon coaching calls for setting short-term goals and generating momentum for The Big Dreams. Plus the extra calls!
New! Monthly Marketing As A Creative + Spiritual Practice Call
Library of Creative Dream Alchemy Tools to help you work through any rough spots you hit - literally. There are tools that you can use, right in the moment, overcoming all sorts of obstacles. You'll become an EXPERT at getting yourself un-stuck.
Weekly journaling kits that make it super simple to keep showing up for your process - no more wondering what to do to keep moving forward! You just have to show up 🙂
Special bonus! Access to my entire library of e-courses - the NETFLIX of creative dream e-courses. Including favourites like: Project Miracle, Focus Pocus and The Creative Business Incubator.

Monday Morning creative genius planning sessions
Join me Monday mornings and we'll map out our weeks together in this LIVE FREE journaling + meditation class, working with creativity, intuition and magic.

It happens Mondays at 10am (Central, North American time) on Instagram.

Follow me, and be on Instagram at the time and and you'll get a notification when I go live.

Or check out the replay on my video page.