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You CAN learn how to draw amazing mandalas (even if you’re no good at drawing!)

Drawing mandalas is less about drawing more about slowing down and opening up to your inner creative and intuitive flow.

It’s a simple, reflective, repetitive creative practice is super good for your brain, your heart and your soul.

How To Draw Mandalas:

We’ll start with a uber-simple little Mandala so you can see how it works:

  1. Draw a small circle.
  2. Think of it as a compass. Add triangles that point to North, South, East and West.
  3. Add triangle points in between North, South, East and West. Now you’ve got 8 spaces to play with… these are your 8 Slices Of Pie.
  4. Add a circle to the end of each triangle. Now you’re starting to see how it works…
  5. Keep building it! Every time you add something to your Mandala, add it to each of the 8 Slices Of Pie.  You can add circles, domes, triangles, squares, lines, waves and outlines… and play with different ways of doing circles, domes, triangles, squares, lines, waves and outlines. You can also make up secret symbols, totally break the rules or do anything else you want to do – it’s YOUR Mandala.

Double-click to watch the (6 second) video that shows this simple pattern:

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Imagine opening up your journal to find it filled with colours and patterns that make your heart sing and whisper helpful messages from the universe.

In my full Mandala Class you'll learn how to create inspiring and enlightening Mandalas you'll Fall In LOVE with.

In this Mandala class we'll take it further as you develop your own unique (and ADORABLE!) mandala style:

* Go beyond the basic colour wheel to create colour combinations that make your heart sing.

*  Explore elements and principles of design to expand your repertoire, build creative confidence and develop your unique creative voice.

*  Learn how your mandalas can help you listen to your intuition more deeply and receive eerily helpful Messages From The Universe.

Imagine being able to skip over all of the hard parts of learning how to draw amazing Mandalas.

Drawing amazing Mandalas is well within your reach - even if you have no natural talent for art or drawing... you don't even have to be able to draw a straight line.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: I can't draw a straight line! Have you ever really studied one of my Mandalas? They're all kinds of lopsided! But I love them anyway.

I know how hard it can be to get started.  I also know how to get around all of that, and make delightful art anyway. I'll show you how in this class - step by step.

But it's not all about looks. Your mandalas will also be wildly enlightening.

You'll learn how to receive (and understand!) the message behind your mandala and how it can help bring you whatever it is you need right now: healing, comfort, insights or brilliant flashes of inspiration.

You know how amazing it is when you get just the right message at just the right time and the feeling is so electric the little hairs on your arms stand up?

I get that feeling ALL THE TIME from drawing mandalas and that's exactly what I want to share with you in this class.

And even if you already are an artist, developing and maintaining a regular Mandala practice can be daunting, at best.

Because drawing Mandalas isn't actually about drawing. It's about connecting - deeply - to your inner wisdom. It's about learning to be more intuitive and building paths so your intuition can send you messages and advice when you need it.

It's about exquisite self-care and being fiercely committed to your creative dreams and finding ways to make it easier and more fun to stay on the path every day.

Once you understand the right way to approach it, drawing mandalas as a creative practice is super good for your brain, your heart and your soul.

It helps you slip into your creative flow and opens up your intuitive connection while simultaneously calming you down and filling you up.

It creates space for answers, insight, inspiration and whatever else you could need to just flow right in.

It’s magic enough that you’ll probably want to do it every day.

I know I do.

In The Mandala Class, I'm sharing EVERYTHING I know about creating a wildly fulfilling mandala practice.

I'm Andrea Schroeder, I've been teaching from the intersection of creativity and spirituality for almost a decade.  (You can get a taste for my style in my popular free e-course: Give Your Dream Wings)

The Mandala class contains twenty-one videos where I share everything there is to know about creating the artistic, intuitive and spiritual aspects of creating Mandalas.  

So you can watch a video a day for twenty-one days, or binge on mandalas for one glorious weekend or take your time and work through them at your own pace.

You won't get overwhelmed because each video contains ONE idea.  And then you go play with that idea, then come back to the next video.

You'll learn all about the artistic, spiritual and intuitive aspects of working with mandalas.

Here's what you can expect to get out of this class:

  *  to learn how to draw Mandalas that you fall in love with ... it's like taking a (100% organic super healthy) happy pill every time you open up your journal.

  *  to learn how to create your Mandala practice as a way of accessing your intuitive wisdom... like keeping your intuition on tap, so it's always there when you need it.

But of course, this is YOUR creative spiritual practice and YOU get to choose what you get out of it.

How do you want your Mandala Journal to change your life?

The Mandala Class. Learn to create Mandalas you'll fall in love with.

You'll get 21 Mandala Videos where I'll share with you:

* Easy tips for how to work with the elements and principles of design (like the grammar of visual communication) that make it easier to create Mandalas you adore.

* How to go beyond the basic colour wheel to learn how to create colour combinations that make your heart sing.

* The secret to how to receive helpful intuitive messages from your Mandalas.

Each Video includes a simple assignment where you'll experiment with how to apply these ideas in your unique way.

The Mandala Class is available in 2 ways:

Get it all.

The Creative Dream Circle is my glitter-dusted secret playhouse where creatives go to make their dreams REAL. It includes access to ALL of my classes, including The Mandala Class, for  $147/year.

While your Mandala practice is ultimately something that you do on your own, you'll definitely benefit from the support, accountability and encouragement of working through this class in this global community of committed creative dreamers.

And you won't just be learning from me! You'll learn a TON from your fellow students as they share their epiphanies and discoveries. The Creative Dream Circle is full of insightful, inspiring and just downright lovely people - the perfect space to grow your dreams and your self.

The Self-Guided Version.

Or you can get just The Mandala Class, delivered to you via email, for $53. You'll get an email a day for 21 days, with a link to the videos + assignments (everything mentioned on this page).

This option does NOT include any kind of forum or group - it will be just you and your journal and all the Mandala Class videos and assignments.

NOTE: The Mandala Class was designed for the Creative Dream Circle, so in a few of the videos I mention other resources and classes in the Circle that you can use to dive deeper into other topics, like transforming creative blocks and inner critics. The Self-Guided version of the Mandala Class does NOT include these other resources and classes - you're just getting the 21 Mandala Video lessons + assignments.

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