100 Reasons Why You Can Do This

Today?s post is a Dreamtastic Creative Journals? post.? Dreamtastic is an ongoing (free!) e-course about using your journal as a tool for transformation, healing and dream-growing.

As a part of my new quest to make a big dream real, I started a list in my journal of 100 reasons why I can’t fail.

These lists are magic and you don’t even have to get to 100 reasons before it starts to work.

Listing out all the reasons why YOU CAN DO THIS bolsters your confidence and helps your fears feel safer – ideally, safe enough to just take a nap and leave you alone.

It shifts your energy.? It builds expectancy.? It creates a solid foundation from which to bring your dream to life.

You probably can’t come up with 100 reasons all in one sitting.

That’s part of the point.

When you do this in your journal, write the title: “100 Reasons Why I Can Do This”? and list whatever you can think of.? It’s ok if you can only come up with a few reasons.

hint: one reason why you can’t fail is that you’ve got a LOT of support available to you since you read this blog!? And you can always join the Creative Dream Circle.

You will go on to journal other things in your journal before you finish your list.? Leave PLENTY of space for your 100 reasons.

And your brain will keep working on this, even when you’re not journaling. This keeps your brain focused on possibility.

Remind yourself in the mornings that you are still working on this list.? Whenever an idea comes to mind, add it.? And have a weekly date to sit down with this and think about it some more.

When you have the mindset that “I CAN DO THIS” you start to see things differently, you don’t let fear or old programming get in your way and even “impossible dreams” become real.

Here’s my list, so far:

  1. Love! The Circle was built with love and built to love dreamers and their dreams. And love is powerful and can draw to it more to love.
  2. Dreams are Important. Purpose, Spirit and Heart. Needed. What the world needs is more dreams made real.
  3. I am a Creative Genius. I have created everything I have ever set my mind on creating, no reason to think that may stop! (Though, of course, I don’t control the timing)
  4. I have the Creative Dream Incubator!
  5. I have been taking business classes for the last 4 years! I know how to do this.
  6. There are people who will help me spread the word.
  7. I am so ready! I have done all of the foundation building, this dream has sturdy ground to grow on.
  8. My intuition says so.
  9. My heart is happy about this, I’m not feeling a lot of resistance.
  10. I am determined.
  11. Small steps, every day.
  12. People LOVE the Circle!
  13. 800 is a ridiculously teeny percentage of people on this planet
  14. 800 is even a small percentage of the number of people who read my blog
  15. I can advertise.
  16. I can be crazy creative about how I promote this.
  17. The only reason is hasn’t grown yet is that I have been holding it back because in the old format, I wanted it to be small.
  18. The new format needs it to be bigger.
  19. I have so many tools I can use!
  20. ENTHUSIASM! It’s a superpower and a magnet. I am enthusiastic about my work, that draws people in.
  21. Intention is powerful.
  22. My intention is crystal clear.
  23. Commitment is powerful.
  24. My commitment is solid.
  25. Purpose is supported by spirit.
  26. People can FEEL integrity, even through the interwebs.
  27. By walking my talk and consistently practicing what I teach I create a safe atmosphere for people to come in and do the work with me.
  28. I have something unique + amazing to offer.
  29. I am willing to work for this.
  30. I am willing to play with this.
  31. I am willing to explore new territory.
  32. My intuition never steers me wrong.
  33. Creativity is contagious!
  34. When you combine creativity with clear intention and purpose and spirit and heart and a genuine willingness to do both the inner and outer work: you can’t fail.
  35. When people start working with this material… They LIGHT UP.
  36. Those lights can help guide new people into the Circle.
  37. I’m not trying to sell to 800 people, I am finding 800 people who who are ready to make their dreams real and want me to help them. I know they’re out there.
  38. 800 feels right because they are out there.
  39. In the grand scheme of what I have already created, this is small.
  40. Everything in the universe supports me.
  41. This will get easier and easier, as it creates it’s own momentum

Even if you just grow your list at 1 idea per week you’re still doing yourself a HUGE favour by playing with this.

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