How To Blend Lots Of Dreams Together

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Today’s question:

How do I or can I narrow my focus? ?How can I blend all my dreams and ideas together in order to create the reality I desire?

This comes up time and time with my students and clients!? We are BURSTING with dreams and want to give them allll love and attention and nurturing to bring them to life.

And nobody ever likes to hear this, but the truth is you’ve got to narrow in.? You’ve got to pick ONE to focus on.? For now.

There is really only one Creative Dream: to live a life that feels true to who you really are.

All of your dreams are ideas live underneath the umbrella of that dream.

Every time you bring a dream to life, it nourishes the umbrella dream. So bringing one to life does nourish all the others because they’re all connected.

Meanwhile – staying locked in a holding pattern and NOT choosing one dream to focus on nourishes nothing except your excuses.

So, you blend a lot of dreams together as real things in your real life, by bringing them to life, one at a time.

You can pick the one that inspires you the most.

You can pick the one you want the most.

You can pick the one you think is the most achievable.

It does not matter how you pick, it only matters that you pick.? Creative Dream Incubation requires your commitment.

The good news about this is that once you’ve made that first dream real, it gets easier to make the next one real – and so on, and so on, and so on.

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