3 Steps to Stop Procrastinating, Overcome Resistance and Distractions and Actually DO Your Creative Dream.

My husband and I renovated the Dream Loft to add a bedroom downstairs and turn the upstairs into my creative workspace. We're not totally finished, but it feels like a home again, and it feels the way we wanted it to feel.

The big thing I want right now is to DEEPEN and EXPAND my art and writing practice.

And my new workspace feels like the place where this new practice happens.

And I guess a part of me hoped that once I had this dream space, I would just automatically do the things? That there would be no resistance or distractions, just me and my art (my cat Bear!) in this perfect sunny space.

And we would sail off into the rainbow, being effortlessly creative and finishing ALL of our projects.

I mean...

This is actually a Creative Dream Cliche and I totally fell for it.

We think...

Once the kids are in school. Once the kids move out. Once this big project is done. Once we've moved. One I've retired....

We keep expecting to land at this place in our lives where it's easy to do the things we most want to do.

And it's like... we WANT to do the things! We really, really want to.

So why is it so hard?

There are actually a million valid reasons WHY it's hard.

And because it's so hard, we say "once the... then I'll..." because when we believe that we'll do it "once the thing has changed" then we don't have to face the REAL reason why we're not doing it.

And I've been "once the new space is all set up I'll be sooooo productive" for some time. So it's time to get out of it.

Three steps to getting out of your resistance and getting into your creative project:

I always joke on my live classes about how I wish I could offer a three step system. And then I realised, in a sense there IS a three step system, it's just that each step can be... nebulous.

1. Feel your feelings. Yikes, I know. BUT/AND it's the feelings you have about getting to work that are stopping you from getting to work.

There are so many places that are fraught... what if I do really well, like REALLY well, like what if this idea is as genius as I think it is and everyone around me gets jealous? Or what if this idea is NOT as genius as I think it is and what if it's a huge flop? What if I can't get it to turn out the way I am imagining it? What if I put all of my money into making this and end up on the streets? What if no one understands this new direction I want to take with my work and it destroys my career? I mean, I could go on forever with examples of things people bring to our Dream Book calls. The "what ifs" that come from starting a new creative project are vulnerable and brutal.

But. Yes. Feel your feelings. Get to know what's happening beneath the surface. Write, paint, draw, dance, scream... explore how these feelings want to be expressed and express them.

Find out what the part of you who is MOST SCARED OF DOING THIS needs from you as you DO THIS. This is a part of the Inner Work that ALL dreams need (yes I can help you with this in Dream Book).

2. Connect with your WHY. Connecting with this is MAGIC. Remembering WHY you want to do this, feeling enthusiastic and excited and inspired helps you get into the flow.

You have parts of you who are afraid about doing this. You have parts of you who are SO READY to do this. You don't need to obliterate the frightened parts, just care for them so they're not freaking out, and then put a more brave part of you in charge of your creative project.

3. Figure out what will help you do the thing you want to do and then figure out how to get that.

Is it just that it's SUPER SUPER HARD to do this alone? Do you need more support (like joining me in Dream Book)?

Do you need better light?

A cozier space?

A more organized space?

A less organized space?

To re-arrange your schedule to make time for it?

To say no to other things so you can say yes to this?

Music that helps you get creative and focused? (I made a playlist for that here)

Aromatherapy? (I have a LOT of aromatherapy, but this is the one I am always using to help me get focused)

An accountability buddy (I can do this with you, in the Daily Mastermind blog in Dream Book)?

Making space to do the work is a part of the work.

This means the Inner Work of acknowledging and exploring your fears and figuring out how to bring them the healing they need.

And the Dream Work of connecting your dream for what you want to create and how you want to feel and all of the energy, enthusiasm, excitement and inspiration that is available to you there.

And the Outer Work of getting the support, space and time you need.

I wrote this for myself today, I hope you find it helpful too.

3 Steps to Stop Procrastinating, Overcome Resistance and Distractions and Actually DO Your Creative Dream.