A new practice for when you have A LOT of feelings.

I made a new Creative Dream Alchemy Practice called Yikes! I am having a lot of feelings! and I am going to share it with you for 1 week only.

It's at the bottom of this post. First I want to explain a bit so you have a context for the practice.

Creative Dreaming is BRAVE work and you can’t really do it if you’re disregulated. And yet we ALL get disregulated sometimes.

Also - Creative Dreaming has a tendency to DIG UP feelings and make you feel EVEN MORE disregulated, so these kinds of practices are vital.

This practice is for the Inner Work section of the Library of Creative Dream Alchemy. I decided to share it out here on my blog, for one week (until Monday, December 5).

Creative Dream Alchemy is the magic that powers all of my work. It’s the art and magic of using what you have to create what you want.

And it’s a way of navigating the path between where you are where you want to be, using your dream as a North Star.

This are three main aspects to this work: Dream Work, Inner Work and Outer Work.

Dream Work is the inner growth and alignment. Getting clarity about what the dream is. Understanding who are you becoming as you move towards it. Learning to PARTNER with your dream as you become your future self.

Inner work is the inner healing work. Your dream will generally ask you to face the things you least want to face because these are the things that need to be addressed in order for you to move forward.

Outer Work is where you make plans and follow through on them. It’s all the things you do to make your dream a real and tangible thing in your life.

Generally - the Outer Work is impossible if you’re not doing the Dream Work and Inner Work.

The obstacles you face in the outer world are REAL… AND… your inner genius and power are real too, and big enough to overcome them IF you are showing up for the inner healing and growth that your dream needs from you.

So when these three “works” are all done together they fuel and power each other.

The Library of Creative Dream Alchemy has a section for each, with quick practices (like the one I am sharing here) and in-depth courses. This is available to all members of Dream Book.

(The Yikes! I Am Having A Lot Of Feelings practice was available here for 1 week and is now currently only available inside Dream Book)


A new practice for when you have A LOT of feelings.

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