As terrified as I am by what’s happening in the world, I am believing, more than ever, in the magic and power of our dreams.

It's a gorgeous Friday in my little corner of the world.

I'm working from bed, with the window open and a vase of fresh cut lilacs on the night stand. I LOVE this time of year when I can keep the window open all day, before it gets too hot for that.

My cat Bear is curled up beside me sleeping. Once in a while he wakes and stretch and I hear a little yawn. Then he goes back to sleep.

I'm drawing. All day. My heart is so happy!

I've got my period last night. Last year I decided to start honouring this time, to slow down and listen better to what my body needs. Make it a sacred retreat.

Today that means: leaving the rest of this week's to-to list for next week, super long meditation this morning, now lying in bed sniffing lilacs, drawing on my iPad while watching Jane the Virgin on netflix. With pizza and salad and honey lattes.

This is artwork I'm currently working on, for the little booklet that will go with my new deck of Journal Cards for Dreamers that I've been working on and hoping to share soon:

your dream is calling



As horrified and terrified as I am by what's happening in the world, I am believing, more than ever, in the magic and power of our dreams.

Between climate change and the rise of white nationalism, my heart is really hurting. And the scarier it all gets, the more we need to let our dreams to guide us. Our dreams are always leads us to what's TRUE and what's NEEDED. Our dreams are who we are here to be.

I'm getting ready to make some changes in the Creative Dream Incubator, because these scary times we're living in DO call for deeper dream support.

I'm creating a new class on developing a DEEP practice for working with your dreams, of making SPACE for your dream.

It will only be available in the Creative Dream Circle, but I will be opening up monthly memberships in the Circle to make it easier for anyone who wants DEEP support to get it.

And I'll be sharing the new Journaling Cards for Dreamers soon-ish.

Plus I've got some other projects underway that I am not quite ready to start talking about just yet.

The world is calling for our dreams, now more than ever. I want to do what I can do help you answer the call.

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