How To Draw Mandalas (and why you want to)

how to draw mandalas (and why you want to)

You CAN learn how to draw amazing mandalas (even if you're no good at drawing!)

Learning how to draw mandalas is less about drawing more about slowing down and opening up to your inner creative and intuitive flow.

It's a simple, reflective, repetitive creative practice is super good for your brain, your heart and your soul.

How To Draw Mandalas. Even if you can't draw:

We'll start with a uber-simple little Mandala so you can see how it works:
  1. Draw a small circle.
  2. Think of it as a compass. Add triangles that point to North, South, East and West.
  3. Add triangle points in between North, South, East and West. Now you've got 8 spaces to play with... these are your 8 Slices Of Pie.
  4. Add a circle to the end of each triangle. Now you're starting to see how it works...
  5. Keep building it! Every time you add something to your Mandala, add it to each of the 8 Slices Of Pie.  You can add circles, domes, triangles, squares, lines, waves and outlines... and play with different ways of doing circles, domes, triangles, squares, lines, waves and outlines. You can also make up secret symbols, totally break the rules or do anything else you want to do - it's YOUR Mandala.
Click here to watch the (6 second) video that shows this simple pattern.

Or watch this longer video where I show you how to draw mandalas in detail:

The most important thing about how to draw a mandala is to listen.

how to draw mandalas (and why you want to)

Because drawing Mandalas isn't actually about drawing!

It's about connecting - deeply - to your inner wisdom.

It's about learning to be more intuitive and building paths so your intuition can send you messages and advice when you need it.

It's about exquisite self-care and being fiercely committed to your creative dreams and finding ways to make it easier and more fun to stay on the path every day.

And then it's about expressing what's going on inside you.

how to draw mandalas (and why you want to)

Because not all about looks. Your mandalas will also be wildly enlightening.

You need to practice how to draw mandalas.  A lot.

As you practice, you'll learn how to receive (and understand!) the message behind your mandala and how it can help bring you whatever it is you need right now: healing, comfort, insights or brilliant flashes of inspiration.

You know how amazing it is when you get just the right message at just the right time and the feeling is so electric the little hairs on your arms stand up?

I get that feeling ALL THE TIME from drawing mandalas.

I get clear + helpful messages from my mandalas because I practice all the time.

It might take some time before you mandala practice really "clicks".

But hang in there.

I was going to say "there is magic in this practice" but that's not true.

There is magic in you.  This practice can help you draw it out.

As I say in the tutorial video: learning how to draw mandalas is really about practicing listening to and acting on your intuitive voice.

And that is probably why you are so drawn to work with mandalas.  You can feel that there's a depth, an opening, a bit of magic in them.  They're not just cute little drawings.

how to draw mandalas (and why you want to)

Something deeper is happening.

There is something for you here.

Your mandala is the universe speaking to you through your intuitive, creative voice.

I mean how cool is that?

The more you practice, the more clearly that voice will speak through your mandalas.

how to draw mandalas (and why you want to)

Want to know more?

I have a full mandala class where you learn to draw mandalas that make you happy and send you inspiration, ideas and insights. It's in the Creative Dream Circle.