Book Giveaway: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

A little while ago Brene Brown’s publisher contacted me about sending me her new book, Daring Greatly, to give away on my blog.


What amazes me most about Brene is how she comes to all the exact same conclusions about life + dreams that I do, but she comes to them via research and I come to them via intuition/healing/spirituality.? She can present actual research-proven facts about the importance of wholeheartedness!

I read the book and was inspired, especially by the parts about enoughness and how messed up our whole culture is when it comes to this.

That part inspired me so much I made ENOUGHNESS, and growing our dreams from a place of already being enough, is our theme this month in the Creative Dream Circle.? (Which has been sparkletastically magical. Enoughness makes Creative Dreaming even better!)

I take such a deep breath every time I say ENOUGH!? And then I sink into this place that can only be described as heavenly.

You are enough! You do enough! You have enough! Your dreams are enough! Enough! Enough! Enough! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

We started the month with a magical tele-class/playdate where we spent the day trying on and exploring ENOUGHNESS and what happens when we bring that energy of already being enough to our dreams.

(Everything was recorded, and we’ll keep playing with this all month in our private online circle, so you’re welcome to join and play along if this sounds good: CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.)


The beauty of Brene’s approach is that she makes it all so logical and sensible.

As though really you have no other option but to accept that you are already enough.

This book is such a deep sigh of relief.

The book jacket has become a little worn around the edges.? I’ve been carrying it with me for a few months, savoring it.

And now it’s time for this book to go and live with one of you.

To Enter the Giveaway for Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly:

Leave a comment below telling me (and the world) that you are enough, exactly as you are right now.


The winner is Christine from Lady Myer’s Wordsmithing.

Congrats Christine!? And thanks to all of you for your comments + statements of ENOUGHNESS.? You’re gorgeous!

If ENOUGHNESS and exploring your dreams from a place of already being enough is something you want to explore with me: get yourself into the Creative Dream Circle!