How boundaries + sovereignty can help you with your dreams.

How boundaries + sovereignty can help you with your dreams.

I’ve been getting some comments about how I handled a few of the situations during the tele-summit, like when I ended one class at the one hour mark, even though we still had more people waiting with questions.? As I said on the call, I only had an hour before the next call was starting and needed that as my “introvert recovery time”.

People are feeling kind of inspired and also curious about that kind of self-care and boundary setting, so I thought I’d share my response here in case you’re feeling the same way.

One of the threads that is in everything I teach is sovereignty.

This is the idea that you are the queen, and your inner world is your queendom.

When you recognize that you have absolute control over this terrain and you get to create anything you want for yourself here, then it becomes important to know yourself well enough to know what to create here to best nurture and support you and your dreams.

Absolute control = absolute responsibility.? Nurturing your inner superpowers becomes your job.

For me, this is a working double overtime round-the-clock kind of job.

This process involves a LOT of exploring and experimenting.? No one starts out already knowing how to do this.

It also speaks to how you have 100% control in your domain but 0% control over everything outside of that.

So if someone wants you to be doing something differently than how you are doing it – well that’s just not your business.

You have no power in their world anyway and – this is the important part – trying to make them happy would exhaust you and dis-empower them because it feeds the lie that “they need you to do a certain thing for them to feel good”.

This is the core of co-dependency which is how most of our society functions, so for a lot of people it doesn’t seem co-dependent, dis-empowering or crazy – it’s just business as usual.

Shifting that kind of thing takes a lot of work, which is why I teach Creative + Intuitive Healing + Transformation.?

Learning how to create space inside of us that allows the transformation to take root and blossom into a totally new way of being is one of the most important things we can learn.

This is how we become the benevolent and effective caretaker of our inner domain.

Another aspect of it, for me, is integrity.

I do my best to do what I say I’m going to do. So if I offer a 60 minute class, I intend to end the class at the 60 minute mark.

When I do calls inside the Creative Dream Circle I don’t usually put a time limit on them, and do stay on the line until all questions are answered.? Since those are private calls, we dive in much deeper and I don’t want to leave anyone hanging.

But if I offer a free 60 minute class, and then go longer because other people want me to longer, even though my energy is depleted, then that makes me much less likely to ever offer a free class again, because I do like to avoid depletion whenever possible.

So honouring my own boundaries helps me do more of what I want to do.

It’s kind of a big topic, so as I said it’s woven into everything I teach, because when you’ve got that as the foundation for how you are approaching your life, you can make a lot of magic happen.

If you’re joining me for Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance (we start next Monday!) you’ll get to learn lots more there about how working with sovereignty and boundaries can support you in your process of healing + transformation.

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