Creating Space To Grow Into Who You Are Becoming

creating space

That’s what the Dream Loft looked like yesterday.

I posted this photo on Instagram and said:? Total chaos as I re-arrange the entire Dream Loft. Sometimes personal + creative growth comes with a need for new space to play in.

I’m going through all of my things.? Getting rid of a lot (which is weird, but because I got rid of half of everything when I moved in here so I don’t really have that much “stuff” to start with).? Changing other things – a coat of paint or a re-purposing.

Monday when I borrowed a friend’s extra-tall ladder to start putting the Giant Papier-Mache project up.? (I haven’t blogged about this yet, but have been sharing pics of it on Instagram as I go)? This is a Giant Project and will take another few months (at least?) to complete.

But Monday I started to put some of it up, very high up:

Which, of course, changed the feeling of the space – which is exactly what the Giant Papier-Mache project is all about.? Which helped me get a stronger sense of who-I-am-growing-into as I grow into new dreams.

Having a dream come true on the outside is always about growing into a new part of you on the inside.

I’ve been talking a lot lately about building the internal capacity to hold a bigger dream.

It’s also about inviting in new qualities and ways of being.? Which spill out into every aspect of your life.

(For Circle members there’s a ton of stuff on this in Module 6 of the Creative Dream Incubator e-course which is about growing into the you-who-lives-your-dream)

Some of the qualities of my new dreams are: alignment, trust, spaciousness, soul-sparkle.

So I am looking at ways to bring them into my space.? I’m looking at ways to set up my space to support these qualities in emerging in my day-to-day life.

All things tell stories.

As I’m looking for things in my space that do not support the emergence of these qualities,? I’m looking for things in my space that tell my old stories.

Like the book that old boyfriend gave me that shows how he never actually understood me or those shelves I bought because I couldn’t afford anything nicer.? Or those lights I bought and spent wayyy too much money on and it turns out I don’t really like them but I feel like I somehow should like them because of how much they cost.

These are not the stories I want to live in.

Changing the stories is dirty & exhausting work.

Literally, because I moved into the Dream Loft kind of early, so the construction crews kept coming into do more work which piled dust everywhere which I still find in corners and strange places when I move things.

But mostly emotionally as I confront each story and choose a different ending for it.

Which includes sometimes falling into the old stories which is kind of dangerous.? I’ve got a lot of sad stories and a lot of stories where I was not very powerful.

I’ve cleared out so many of these stories over the past decade.? But it’s obnoxious how these little story fragments can hang on and stay alive after a decade of no air.

I’m building extra-strong time boundaries that keep me in the present and keep the stories in the past as I pick them up, dust them off, and send them off to their new homes.? But sometimes boundaries fail.

I have a whole bunch of work to do.

I have a few new projects that are jumping up and down and begging me to play with them.? But I need to do this part first: to create space for the new me who can successfully bring those projects to life.

The bigger the new project or dream or change of any kind you want to invite into your life, the more space you need to make for it.? If it would fit in your life as it is, it would already be there.