Creative Dream TV: How To Stay Creative, Zen + Connected To Your Dreams During The Holidays

When life gets busy, like it is right now, it can feel like you don’t have enough time/money/energy for our dreams.

But actually you can use the holidays as an opportunity to strengthen your Creative Dreaming Muscles – it works in the same way as adding weights to your workout routine to strengthen your physical muscles.

How you approach the holidays can actually help you make it easier to bring your dreams to life next year.

Watch it now:

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The aim of this kind of Creative Practice is to deepen + develop your relationship with your Creative Magic.

Your Creative Magic is where your spirituality and creativity meet.? Spending 10 minutes a day there will open up more magic in all of the other minutes of your day.

This can only work if you focus on connecting with yourself and your creativity and not on making pretty things!

You can only be focused in one direction at a time.

For these 5-10 minutes each day, focus inward.

Write/draw/paint/scribble/collage about how you’re feeling right now and/or what thoughts are going through your head.

If you’re having a hard time getting started, start with this creative prayer and write out your response to it:


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