Believing In Yourself

I’m writing this from my Creative Zen Tent of Dreams at Creative Magic Headquarters.

Every day, I am soooo glad I moved into the DreamLoft. Having all this open, sunny, sparkly space to play in is the best.? I’ve always wanted an art/play room that is big enough for a tent and now, thanks to the magic of the Creative Dream Incubator, I’ve got it.

Believing In Yourself.

I know you already do believe in yourself.

But, like All Things Creative Dreaming, believing in yourself isn’t something you do once and then you’re done.

It’s a process, there’s always more.

Not always more as in you’re never doing it right and you always have to try harder.

Always more in that there is this continual unfolding and expansion and evolution.? There will always be more but you’re already doing it perfectly.

Believing In Yourself.

It’s like plugging into your superpowers.

Becoming more grounded in your creative magic and your infinite creative potential.

Making you stronger on the inside so you can take bigger steps on the outside.

I think of it like being a tree.? If you want to grow new branches and be taller, you’ve got to put out new roots.

This stabilizes you and makes it possible for you to grow into the fullness of your potential.

This makes it easier to:

  • Take bigger steps towards your dreams
  • Dream bigger/deeper/truer – find new possibilities
  • Deal effectively with your inner (and outer!) critics
  • Make your dreams real in ways that will look like magic (but are actually the natural consequences of having THAT MUCH faith in yourself and your purpose and your creative potential)

So Believing In Yourself is MAGIC.

We’re going to spend a whole day exploring and playing with this on Monday, December 3 in the Creative Dream Circle. (But all calls will be recorded, if you can’t be there live, plus you’ll get some special work playbooks)

Our mission: to FILL UP on Believing in Ourselves so we enter 2013 ready to step more fully into living our dreams.

This sets things up so that all of our Creative Dreaming in 2013 is easier, more fun and more successful because we’ll have big giant creative-dream-tree roots.

Believing in Yourself is beautiful and magic but it’s also really, really hard to do sometimes.? We will address that, with gentleness and creativity and love and magic.?

What to play with us?

Details for joining the circle are right here.

Please note: The Creative Dream Incubator is the prerequisite for joining the Circle.? If you are a Creative Dreamer, you need an Incubator – it shows you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

I hope you do join us, this world needs more creative spirits who believe in themselves, their potential, and the beauty of their dreams.

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