Your Mission

This week I don’t have a new episode of Creative Dream TV for you.

<insert sad face here>

I’m getting ready to share some amazing new stuff with you next week…

(Including a new free thing that is going to blow you away, so you may want to get on my email list so you hear about it)

So there’s a lot happening behind the scenes here at Creative Magic Headquarters.

All of the excitement (and busyness!) collided with my practice of EXTREME self-care and it became clear that putting putting the video on hold for this week was the wisest way to go.

So: this is a good time to catch up on past episodes – click here to see them all.

Instead of a Video, I’m giving you a MISSION

Your mission: get crystal clear on how you will feel when your wildest dreams are real.

(a hint in case you get stuck: Knowing What My Dream Is is a perfectly legitimate dream)

I’d love to hear your answer!? Leave it in the comments below.