Creative dreaming while feeling broken hearted about the world

Image description: My hand holding a journaling printable from Dream Book with a handwritten journal prompt: Dear Dream, Together We Can: In the background is my open journal and journal supplies (watercolour paints, scissors, pen) on a white sheet, which I covered my dining table with to turn it into a giant art table.

I bring all of my feelings to my dream in our daily meetings.

This morning it was: heartbreak, confusion, frustration and anger.

Our ICU beds are full and new Covid cases keep increasing and the anti-maskers anti-vaxers are out in full force, planning rallies and riling people up to fight back against the health restrictions. They don't seem to understand that the only reason the streets outside our hospitals aren't lined in refrigerator trucks full of dead bodies is that most of our elderly are vaccinated. Or that the ICUs being full literally means there is no room for emergency patients.

We're in crisis. This third wave with the new variants is brutal in my city. And it hurts my heart to see so many privileged crying about civil liberties while not giving a shit about community care (or civil rights!). It hurts my heart the way the people who get the short end of every stick are getting the short end of this one.

This is the world I live in?

This is the world I dream in?

Fuck this.

My dream agrees. Fuck this garbage culture that allows atrocities to happen every day in the name of capitalism, colonialism and white supremacy.

But my dream doesn't feel heartbroken about it like I do.

My dream feels determined and says "Hey. This is why you dream. I'm here to help."

I've long dreamed of a world that supported EVERYONE in pursuing their creative dreams and unleashing their true potential.

A world where we all have a safe place to live and enough to eat. Where we grew up with love and nurturing and stability and encouragement.

A world where resources are used to support all life and the hoarding of resources is unheard of.

A world where you don't even need therapy and coaching and magic to heal and grow your way into your true self. It's just the way of life and the whole community supports it.

A world where you feel inspired and excited to do a thing - so you do it! You just DO your dream. You don't waste years tangled up in self doubt and inner critic voices and working at a draining job because without that money you would die on the streets.

Of course, doing the thing may take time and support, you may need to do lots of research and learning first - I'm not saying it would be easy. Dreams are not meant to be easy.

But the world around you wouldn't be actively making it harder. The world would cheer you on.

This morning my dream says:

Look at how you're creating pockets of this magic, right here in this shitty capitalist culture.

Looking at all of the other people doing the same.

Look at everyone trying to heal and grow.

Look at everyone waking up and learning and creating new models for how to create a better world.

Remember that we have to get angry and dissatisfied with the status quo in order to change it. We need more privileged people to stop focusing so much on pursuing their own dreams and protecting their own civil liberties and look at how to make the world better for everyone.

Because that's the way to ALL of our dreams.

And it's closer than we realise.

Creative dreaming while feeling broken hearted about the world