Stop Identifying as Sensitive

I had a joint meeting with my dream and the soul of my business because I had a few questions I wanted to ask them together.

I was not ready for the answers.

The first question was about the three projects I am working on now. I don't feel I have three projects worth of focus, so how do I decide what to do?

One of the projects turned into caramel on a warm day and just melted away.

Then my business showed me that really putting my heart and creativity into the other two projects would actually accomplish the goals of that project, without me having to actually DO that project.

Since the project that melted away was a marketing project, I was more than happy to take that advice.

Then my dream and my business got together and said:

Stop identifying as sensitive

And I was like "what?" WHOA!" "what?"

I could see this idea held an entirely new possibility for everything about my life.

But it also felt absolutely impossible because I AM SENSITIVE.

I read the book The Highly Sensitive Person 22 years ago and that was the first time I ever felt SEEN. I felt so relieved to have a name to call the ways that I was different from everyone else, and some coping mechanisms for handling it.

Being an HSP has been a big part of my identity for 22 years.

My dream and my business are like "yeah whatever" "so you're sensitive. So what?"

And then I see it.

I can BE sensitive without IDENTIFYING as sensitive.

Sensitive doesn't have to be the part of me I lead with.

Sensitive doesn't have to be the main part of how I define myself.

And the soul of my business whispered "Hey what if POWERFUL is the main way you define yourself?'

I mean what if?

POWERFUL is every bit as much as who I am as SENSITIVE.

Also CREATIVE and CRABBY and TIRED and all sorts of other things.

But WHAT IF powerful was the main way I defined myself?

I got this sense of powerful being almost a shield. Powerful all around me, like a living energy that energizes me, gives me more options for how I show up in my life and - get this - creates safe space for my sensitivity to live deeper in, closer to me, further from my identity out in the world.




Then the soul of my business whispers: "This is how you build your capacity so you can do the things you want to do next"

This is what I love about Dream Book.

It's not about "you have to be your best and most powerful self all the time" which is what a LOT of the Live Your Best Life Industry is pushing.

It's about creating space for the RIGHT insight to find you at the RIGHT time.

So it lands, not just as a seed for a new possibility for you life... it lands as medicine.

Today in Dream Book I'm teaching a class on Growth, Chaos + Change: Following your own flow in your business.⁠

It's an alchemy process for connecting with your own creative flow and the creative flow of your business and how to lean on that flow to help you move through change.

We're all experiencing a lot of change right now. Some of it caused by external change, some of it sparked by our own wishes and dreams for what we want next.

This kind of change can cause us to revert back to old coping mechanisms.

In this class I'll share an alchemy process that helps you create a NEW way, one that is more in alignment with your evolving truth.

It will be recorded, so you can listen whenever works for you.

Join us here.

Stop Identifying as Sensitive

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