Creative Emergence Day 15: Embracing Change


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You’re halfway there.

You’ve now been meeting your intention every day for two weeks.

Focusing, every day, on your intention for what you want to create in your life WILL change things.

Sometimes change happens so slow and in such small increments that you don’t notice it, and you get frustrated and give up.

Sometimes changes happen but it might not be the change you were hoping for.? Sometimes (often?) the path that leads to what we want does NOT look the way we expected it would.

So when things are changing in unexpected and (seemingly) uninvited ways it’s easy to not notice that these changes are happening in response to you holding your intention.

I promise – whatever has changed in your life over the past 14 days has changed in service to your intention.

Sometimes an intention to be super-happy in your relationship results in a messy breakup.? This is happening to create space for that super-happy relationship to come in.

Sometimes an intention to clean up your finances results in an avalanche of unexpected expenses.? This is happening to show you where you need to be more conscious, aware and empowered about money.

It’s not necessarily going to look the way you think it “should”.

You really do have to let go of how you think it should look if you genuinely want to have your dream come true.

Today I want you to meet with your intention in your journal (using the technique I teach in my free class or anything you have learned in my classes inside the Creative Dream Circle) and take a look at how things are changing in your life in response to you holding your intention steady over the last 14 days.

Once you’re done – let us know how it went.

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REMEMBER: Our next live call is TOMORROW! I hope you can be there.? If you need some support with any of this – this is where to get it


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See you back here tomorrow for day 16 of Creative Emergence.

REMEMBER: Our next live call is TOMORROW! I hope you can be there.



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