Creative Emergence Day 4: How your journal helps you change your life


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How is journaling every day going to help me change things in my life?

The idea that you can make a difference in your life simply by meeting with your dream every day can feel like wishful thinking.? But the truth is: attention sparks growth.

Meeting your dream every day opens up a channel of communication between you two.? It opens up energetic space for your dream to come into your life, which is the first step in creating real, physical space for change to occur.

Having a dream and not paying attention to it is an energy pattern.? It’s a pattern that nurtures your life as it is, and avoids change.? It’s a pattern that keeps you disengaged from your ability to create change.

Having a dream and paying attention to it is also an energy pattern.? It’s a pattern that nurtures your dreams, your creativity and your potential.? It’s a pattern that empowers your ability to create change.

You don’t have to know HOW to make your dream real.? You don’t even have to believe that it’s possible.

You just have to be willing to pay attention to it, every day.? To make it a part of your life right now.? And to be open to having that change things.

So again today? I want you to meet with your intention in your journal.

Again, using the technique I teach in my free class or anything you have learned in my classes inside the Creative Dream Circle, meet with the heart and soul of your intention/dream and see what happens today.

Each time you do this, you are clearing the channels of communication between you and your dream… so that it can help you bring it to life.

Once you’re done – let us know how it went.

Did your dream have anything new to show you today?

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See you back here tomorrow for day 5 of Creative Emergence.


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