What is Creative + Intuitive Healing + Transformation?

What is Creative + Intuitive Healing + Transformation?


Creativity is not about making art. In fact a lot of art-making can actually damage your creativity, if you are trying to contort your natural flow of self-expression into some pre-determined shape.

The creativity that we?re working with here is your raw and wild creative essence. It?s about knowing yourself, being yourself and expressing yourself.

It?s about listening to your creativity as it speaks to you through you imagination, and then giving it more room to play.

Yes, you’ll also be encouraged to “get creative” in your journal in whatever way you feel inspired to do – collage, doodling, painting. But it’s definitely not about making your journal look a certain way. It’s totally about embracing and nurturing your creative superpowers – your ability to create your world.

In Creative + Intuitive Healing + Transformation we use creativity to create new energy patterns in your inner world. This works because energy is directed by intention and creativity is a way of playing with intention.


Intuition is the voice of your inner wisdom. Everyone has inner wisdom and so everyone is intuitive. How much of your intuitive wisdom you are able to access in any given moment will depend on how well you?re listening to that voice. It is something that you can get better at simply by working with it more.

For true healing and transformation to occur, you have to be navigating from your own inner wisdom, otherwise you?re just following someone else?s path which can never lead to your healing. This is something you get better at doing the more you practice – and you’ll get lots of tools to help you practice.

Even if you’ve never been intuitive, you don’t have to worry about doing this part wrong. Sometimes “being intuitive” can feel so mysterious but it’s really just about learning how listening to yourself – anyone can do it.

In?Creative + Intuitive Healing + Transformation we use intuition to lead the process of creating hew energy patterns, because only your intuition knows what is best for you.


Healing and Transformation work together, but generally healing comes first as healing creates the space where transformation is possible.

Healing is a balm that reminds you of what is true: you are perfect, whole and complete. You are safe, you are loved and you are capable of anything.

Healing is about bringing the elements of your inner world into a new structure that allows more of the core of who you are to shine out, to bring yourself into greater alignment with your self. It?s never about obliterating any of the beings or elements that live in your inner world.

In?Creative + Intuitive Healing + Transformation we use healing to dissolve un-helpful patterns and bring you into a place of calm and power, so you can create new patterns.


Healing is a balm. Transformation is a whole new way of being.

Energy is like water, flowing like a river through the bed. If you move the river bed, you change the way the water flows. Conscious transformation is all about moving the river bed and then planting trees along it to stabilize the banks in their new places.

There is this tug-of-war that happens when you shift into a new way of being, where it?s like you are being bounced back and forth between the old and new ways. Most people tend to give up at this point, and go back to their old ways. Of course you can never go all the way back, you?ll always bring a bit of that transformation with you because being in the process changes you. But you won?t be able to live from your glorious new possibilities if you allow yourself to shift back into your old patterns.

This can be a confusing and difficult time. So if you?re feeling confused and challenged, that means you?re doing it right – remember to be vigilant about giving the transformation what it needs to take root.

In the?Creative + Intuitive Healing + Transformation process, transformation is where you?ll spend most of your time.

I’m excited to dive deeper than ever into all of this in 2015, in Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance

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