Creative Journal Day 8: How To Use Your Journal As a Dream-Growing MACHINE

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manifesting dreams into reality

Manifesting Dreams into Reality: This is what it’s all about, right?

Today I sat down with my journal and promptly stumbled into a really common pitfall when it comes to using an art journal as a tool for manifesting dreams into reality… so I immediately stopped to record this video.


One thing I forgot to add to this is that I didn’t mean to say to NEVER write about what’s happening right now in your journal… stream of consciousness journaling practices like Julia Cameron’s morning pages can be super helpful!

What I did mean is that it is helpful to have a separate journal as your creative dream journal, where you can keep your attention focused on holding the vision.

Holding the vision for long enough to bring the dream to life is not easy.

Having a journal where this is ALL you do can really help build up that energy.

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