Creative Planning: Releasing What’s In The Way To Make More Space For What You Want

(I do my weekly planning with the printable version of the Year of Dreams 2022, all the details of how I printed + bound it are here. The journaling printables I cut + paste onto it are from Dream Book)

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The soul of the Creative Dream Incubator sent me this message:

You got to stay in the vibe where big new possibilities happen.

Look at where you can smooth out the little irritants and make things simpler. Look at what you can let go of. Look at where you can use the big irritants as a source of healing and transformation.

This felt like a message for all of us, but it also came with A LOT of specific examples of where I need to do this.

(This has been happening a lot lately, like the Creative Dream Incubator sends me huge data dumps and I to sort through and get my instructions from them. It's been AMAZING.)

One of those examples is these weekly Creative Genius Planning Sessions. I've been uploading them to You Tube, turning that video into a blog post, sending an email with a link to the blog post, and also putting it on Instagram.

I did it this way because I didn't know where to put them, so I put them everywhere. That was the simplest way for me to get going - otherwise I could have spent a lot of energy trying to figure out where to put the videos.

And being in the process of doing this every week has shown me a better way to do this.

This is how it works with most dreams - you do what you can from where you are, learn as you go, apply what you learn, and keep growing from there.

So, the soul of my Creative Dream Incubator showed me if I did less of this backend stuff and just upload the video to Instagram because that is by far THE simplest way - that frees up energy that makes it easier for me to stay in a state of possibility, which opens up new possibilities.

So that's what I will be doing.

This is the last week I'll share the Creative Genius Planning Session video on my blog.

You'll be able to find them on Instagram.

PS: Know that I don't make ANY decision in my business lightly, and I DO know that not everyone is on Instagram. Please don't email me to let me know that you are not on Instagram.

Creative Planning: Releasing What\'s In The Way To Make More Space For What You Want

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